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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

[TRANSLATION] Ookami Heika no Hanayome Chapter 16

Nothing interesting lately... Hmm, and I want to read chapter 34!! The story is getting much better after all! Okay a little bit SPOILER: In chapter 32/33, Yuurin returned home because his father injured Kigaku's grandma's hand, so she'll have to work as a maid to that old lady. His Majesty sneaked out again and when Yuurin refused his offer to help, he decided to 'harass' Yuurin until she gives up and relies on him. It's so sweet!!!

Ookami Heika no Hanayome Chapter 16


[Hakuyou Country // Inner Palace]
[I, Tei Yuurin (Occupation; Part-time bride) is currently]

Yuurin: You're really not going?

[carrying out a certain plan.]

[Hakuyou Country King; Haku Reishou]

Yuurin: Just when you told me, "By all means, take a break"...


[Every year, when winter comes, it's customary for Hakuyou Country's king to get away from the royal city, // and head toward the imperial villa for recuperation. // However,]

Heika: Everyone is always so fussy about that every year. // It's annoying, so I have always ignored it though.

[...it seems like, the current king is quite reluctant to do so.]

Yuurin: The natural beauty of the hills and rivers landscape...
SFX: Gogogo *wrrr*
Yuurin: The various local dishes that can't be tasted anywhere else, made using vegetables and fishes in season...!! // And the best of all, I heard that the hot springs are great to take away the fatigue of the heart and body...!?


Yuurin: Once you go there, I heard that you'll be addicted...!
Heika: Yuurin, from whom did you hear all that?
SFX: scroll scroll

SFX: sob
Yuurin: ......... // The officials were chatting with me at the office...
*Every year, around this time*

*Before I know it*

Heika: If the Wolf King goes for a trip, they'll be at ease too after all.
SFX: turn
Heika: As I thought, it really is just a waste of time.
Heika: In the first place, I don't really like hot springs.
SFX: wham
Yuurin: EEEHH!? *Even though you really enjoyed it when you secretly took a holiday before!*


Yuurin: *I* I heard the hot bath is gushing out for 24 hours you know!? // Not to mention, it also beneficial for nerve pain and stiff shoulder!?
*Don't you think it's incredible!*

Heika: ...Yuurin, you want to go to the hot spring?
Yuurin: ...

Yuurin: - // I'm sure I'll never have a chance in this life to go there if not for this part-time job...

Heika: -
Heika: Ah // I see.

Heika: Well then // I guess I'll go once.


*It's a must! You promised me!*

Heika: -...

[*Uugh* I forcefully pushed him to follow my selfishness...]

[- But, truthfully speaking, this is for His Majesty's sake!]
[I call it, "Relaxing at Hot Spring Great Plan!".]


["It's troublesome to go there but once you've arrived, it's paradise". // "His Majesty needs some times too to get away from the official duty once in a while"]

Yuurin: In reality, I feel like he was overworked lately.
*His work suddenly increased after he sneaked out*

[Furthermore, it's only limited during the winter!? If you don't go now, when will you go!]
[She's weak to the instigating phrase.]

Heika: ...If possible, I would like to avoid that place. // ...I guess, it can't be helped.
Heika: I wonder who plotted all this.
[-...That's why, we]


[ended up going to the imperial villa reserved for the Royal family]

Minister: Your Majesty...! Welcome...!

Minister: It's your first visit after your enthronement... // How long I've been waiting for this day to come...

Minister: The feast has been arranged at the central palace.

Heika: ...The consort is tired from riding in the coach. We'll need to take a rest first.

Minister: Certainly...


[Hm? // There are a lot more people than I thought...]
SFX: lines up

Yuurin: Its... so extravagance...
Heika: Are you surprised? It's under different jurisdiction over here after all. // The atmosphere is quite different.
*Cleared out the people*

Rijun: -Exactly. And the people coming in and out are different too compared to the Inner Palace. // I think you'll be seeing them a lot.
[The King's Close Aide: Rijun]
Rijun: Make sure you behave more carefully than usual.

Rijun: - Well, // It's probably a good chance to appeal the good relation between the "Wolf King  couple" // Do your best.
Yuurin: Eh?


Rijun: What's with the "Eh?"! It's your original work right! *A temporary bride* // The marriage proposal for His Majesty has quite settled down lately but we have to assure it for double sure!

SFX: clank clank
Heika: -You // won't eat anymore?


Yuurin: - // Somehow, my chest is full...

SFX: lines up
SFX: lines up
[I thought recuperation is done in a place with a few people...! *It's annoying*

*It's better if we don't come right?*

*He seems like he was saying it*
Yuurin: ~

[Damn it!!!]
SFX: pumps up
Heika: I'm sure she wasn't told anything except the information about the hot springs... // -
SFX: slides

Heika: ...


[However, it's not over yet.]
SFX: hmph
[The main agenda of the plan is one and foremost the hot spring!

Maid: There are 16 bathtubs, big and small, in this imperial villa. // This one here is exclusive for the king's consort...
SFX: fluently
SFX: fluently
Maid: --

Maid: It's good for beautiful figure, the previous consorts liked it too. // There are also other baths which are said to be good for injury and illness...
*The hot spring is awesome...*
Yuurin: Look! Seems like there are various effects...

[I'm sure His Majesty will be soothed to...]
Yuurin: Okisaki-sama, it's time to get out of the water.
Yuurin: Eh, // already?
*I just got in...*


Maid: Let us prepare you...
Yuurin: Yes.
Yuurin: ? // Is there anything after this? *I guess it's different from the usual...*

Maid: Well then, // please come here.
Yuurin: *Err* Where are we going right now...?

Maid: *Oh my* Of course, to His Majesty's place. // At the king's exclusive bathroom.
Maid: You can take your time and enjoy the hot spring together.


[Take time]

Maid: The previous king had always toured around the hot springs with the consort. // During your stay, do enjoy them...
SFX: slump
Maid: Okisaki-sama!?


[With His Majesty!?]
Yuurin: I'm sorry... // The spasms of my chronic disease is...
Maid: Oh my! This is bad, what should we do?
SFX: panic
SFX: panic
Yuurin: Pl-...

Yuurin: Please call His Majesty's close aide, Rijun-san...!!!
[That was,]


[Far beyond my expectations!!]
SFX: Appeared
Rijun: Your Majesty!! // What are you planning!

Rijun: I can't allow this! Impossible! // Why did you do something on your own accord!
*It's impure!!*
SFX: pissed
Yuurin: That's right! You're terrible! Do you have any grudges against me!?

Yuurin: You really don't want to come to the hot springs that much!? // To the point that you'll harass me!? *You're the worst!!*
Rijun: In the first place, is it fun to get into the bath with this little girl!
SFX: pissed pissed pissed pissed pissed pissed
Heika: ...Wait a minute. I don't really understand.


Rijun: Didn't you give an order to the court ladies to get into the bath together with the consort?
SFX: pissed
Heika: I didn't.
*What's that?*

Heika: -I didn't receive any affirmation...
Rijun: So, they just do things on their own accord without your order!?

Rijun: It's deviation of professional duties! Unforgivable! I have to question them about this...
Heika: ...

Heika: -Yuurin, your body will get chilled. // If you like, you can enter once again.

Yuurin: Did Your Majesty get in already?

Heika: Nope, not yet. // I'm checking the documents brought from the Royal palace right now.
*The fixed reports will be coming too tomorrow*


Yuurin: -
Yuurin: Immediately worked even after coming here... // So he really isn't interested in hot springs...

[Did it... // fail... *the plan*]
SFX: blub blub blub
Yuurin: Even if I managed to bring him down here somehow, // if the person himself is not up to it...

["...only you can do-...]
Yuurin: I thought it was a good idea.


Maid: Please have this drink after the bath.
Yuurin: Thank you.

[If the person isn't happy, // it's meaningless...]

Maid: - -
Maid: Well then, I'll do that way...

SFX: step step step


Maid: The bedroom is here. // Take your time and rest-...

Yuurin: Oh my, // what a wonderful-


Yuurin: room-...

Yuurin: -

*The finishing blow...*
*The same bedroom...*

*Of course, there's only one bed...*
[-You're probably asking, // ...why, after all this time, but,]

[Speaking about our acting spouse night life,]
[His Majesty will visit the consort's room at a fixed time,]
[And will return to his room at a random time... basically that's what usually happened.]
*Mostly, chatting while playing sugoroku and go.*
SFX: kachank
*Well then, good night-*
*Thanks for your hard work*
[The end of spouse's time!]


[To sum it up, we've never spent the night together...]
SFX: wobble wobble
Yuurin: No good... Somehow my head is spinning.

Heika: -Enough for tonight.

Heika: I don't need unnecessary concern. // ...Do not let anyone comes near this room.
Heika: Careful not to break // my orders.


SFX: Ba-thump

Heika: -... // They're gone.

Heika: I'm sorry. It looks like the people from the imperial villa did something on their own accord again. // ...and seems like the bedroom is only here.

[What the hell with this imperial villa-!!!]

Heika: For the time being, tonight I'll sleep on the that long chair-...]

SFX: ...worn-out
Yuurin: long... // chair...

Heika: Eh!? // Wh-...
Yuurin: ...Ho-...

Yuurin: How come it ended up like this-!!!
SFX: Bwah
SFX: Uwaaaah
Heika: !?


*Sobs, sobs*
SFX: Uwaaa
SFX: aaa
Yuurin: Your Majesty, please use the bed. // You're under recuperation, it's too much if you can't rest~
Heika: Eh
Heika: No, it's okay...

SFX: tears
SFX: tears
Yuurin: But, then, // the plan will... *hic*

SFX: hic
SFX: squeeze
Heika: Yuurin...?

SFX: hic
Yuurin: Hiccup
SFX: stop

Heika: -...
Yuurin: Somehow... // my eyes are spinning...
SFX: spinning

Heika: -Yuurin, // ...did you drink something before coming here?
Yuurin: ? // I had a delicious juice... *hic*


Heika: ...So the last one is sake... // How far they'll do as they please...
SFX: dazed...
Yuurin: ?

Yuurin: Wha re ya duing? I can walk, put me down.
SFX: struggle
SFX: wriggle
Heika: Alright alright, excuse me-

Heika: There. // Don't forget the blanket.
SFX: tug tug
Yuurin: ! // Your Majesty's here. *The long chair for me*
Heika: It's okay, it's okay, I'll change with you later.
*Is that so-*


Elder: ...Tsk

Heika: ...Well then.

SFX: thud thud
Heika: The various unnecessary actions by the imperial villa court ladies... // I do feel someone is pulling the string from behind,
*The bath, the room, and the sake...*

Heika: ...Speaking of which, before, you said the air is good, // the food is delicious, // and there are hot spring here.

Heika: You came here to recuperate for your strained back right. // Elder Chou.
SFX: clomp
Elder: clench


Elder: *Jeez* You poorly treated an elder!
SFX: roll
SFX: roll

Heika: What the Inner Palace's manager who is supposed to be sitting at home,
Heika: doing at a place like this?

SFX: flinch

Elder: *grrr* Devising plans to fulfill your domestic life itself is my duty! My duty! *The imperial villa is my territory too!!

Elder: I only, // want the two of you, who's so irritating to enjoy your first trip.

Elder: Throbbing happening at hot spring☆ // I only made the preparation...
SFX: Kya-
Heika: Don't do unnecessary thing.


Heika: ...So, you're also the one, // who told Yuurin about hot spring in the first place?

Elder: ...Because you won't listen to me. // I used the officials a bit too.

Elder: -But, after that, // that girl came to consult me herself you know?
*Advertise with phrases that Yuurin seems to like*
Elder: "Is hot spring really good for health?"

Elder: "Because His Majesty looks tired lately", she said.

Elder: That's why, // "If you said you want to go, His Majesty will probably go to that annoying hot spring".
Elder: "It's probably something that only you can do", I only said that to her.
*Hot spring*
*Isn't it beneficial!?*


Elder: *Hohoho* Isn't she quite devoted? // ...Making her your real consort here isn't too bad-

Heika: -No matter, // how much you plot from behind,

Heika: I don't have any intention to fulfill your wish. // ...Return to the Inner Palace.

Elder: ...As you wish.

Elder: However, I haven't given up yet! // Take your time and enjoy!! *squeak*
*from window...*


Heika: Just because Yuurin unusually said something selfish,
Heika: I came to the hot spring that I don't really want to come.

Heika: If the person herself doesn't have any intention to be selfish, // it's meaningless.

[The consort's plan continues to fail,]


[and when she woke up, different scenery greeted her.]
SFX: throb
SFX: throb
SFX: throb
Yuurin: ...?
Yuurin: ...
[Outside the window, there is thick morning mist]
[In the blurred mind, there are mysterious headache, and,]

[for some reason, the wolf king is by her side.]
Yuurin: What's this?


SFX: throb
SFX: throb
[For the time being, right now, // what can be understood with the frozen mind is,]
Yuurin: Er, err... // Ah... yea... right...

Yuurin: I shouldn't have come to hot spring...
[That's all...]

Yuurin: I wonder if I'll wake up at the Inner Palace if I sleep again...

End of Chapter 16.

PW: day:break


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