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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Migawari Hakushaku no Kettou

Volume 04: The Duel of the Substitute Earl

Continuing from the last volume, Rudy was rushed to Blue Rose Palace to check on Wilfrid who was down with cold. Seemed like after his encounter with Mireille, he was planning to go on a trip to  cool down his head under a waterfall however since there was no waterfall nearby, he went to cool down his head in a water fountain in the palace garden. Rudy was left speechless with his stupidity. After exchanging a few words, she found out that the second prince was having love sickness with a guy. Before she left, she handed him a small bottle of love potion with no guarantee that it will work if used on a person of the same gender.

At Duke Berhardt Villa. Mireille woke up that morning surprised  to find out that both her brother and father had been sleeping beside her. Apparently, after their birthday party last night, she was tucked in into Fred's room by Richard after her mother asked him to do so. On her way to breakfast, she saw Richard sleeping in a chair and went to greet him. The morning greeting turned into 'flirting', but they were soon interrupted by Edward. Before Edward can continue torturing Richard any further, Fred came to inform him that an unwanted guest, Duke Grendel has come. Fred explained to Mireille that the duke is a relative from their grandmother, Artemaris' previous king second consort, Delphine's side and since it's not the right time to let Mireille existence be known, he  told her to go and hide herself at Lydianne place in the palace. Mireille promised Fred to avoid anyone with the name Grendel and went out of the house escorted by Richard to go to the palace. On their way to the palace, Richard said he want to stop by the town to pick cookies and sweets he ordered for Mireille. At first, she want to follow Richard to the pastry shops, but Richard told her to stay in a carriage.

While waiting for him, she saw a girl who is obviously a noble, walking down the street alone. Her bad premonition that the girl will probably met some trouble came true in no time by two gangsters appearance. When she saw that the girl was being harassed, she waste no time to play hero and jumped out of her carriage borrowing a wooden sword from Johan and went to save the girl. She managed to hit the guys for a few times before her wooden sword was caught and left her defenseless. Mireille was about to be hit when Richard came to save her. With Richard's appearance, the guys were shown that they were no match for him and fled away. After he lectured Mireille on her recklessness again, he was about to help her to stand when the girl who Mireille went to save earlier came and clung to Richard. Later, she found out that the girl was Charlotte Grendel, daughter to Duke Grendel and also Lydianne's best friend. She then asked both of them to escort her to the palace to see Crown Prince Alfred in order to discipline him after she heard that Zeke has been planning to take a girl named Mireille Bernhardt as his second consort. Charlotte found out Mireille's identity and the secret that she has been impersonating Fred from time to time, and using the info, she threatened Mireille to do as she says.

After she escorted Charlotte to Lydianne's place, Mireille couldn't wait to escape from Charlotte's clutches, only to fail and resulted in her having a tea together with both Lydianne and Charlotte. Apparently, Charlotte was a candidate to be Zeke's fiancee and she was also involved with Lydianne's kidnapping case before. During the tea time, somehow maiden theater troupe was made with Mireille as the chairwoman. It was decided they'll perform a play with Mireille acting as the hero. Mireille who was under a threat from Charlotte, was left with no choice but to go along with the plan.
When they were discussing about what they'll perform, Mireille suggested to both ladies to ask Cecilia to write the script. They agreed to the idea and Mireille was given the task to request Cecilia to write it. Cecilia agreed, and while they were talking about the matter, Cecilia asked Mireille if there was any development between her and Richard. When Mireille said there was nothing happened between them, she was enraged and summoned Richard right away. Cecilia then ordered both Richard and Mireille to read a mountain of romance novels she prepared on the table and to write a report for her to check on later. Although they were bewildered by the princess order, both of them proceeded to read the books. When Mireille started getting sleepy after following the words for a page, Richard volunteered to read aloud for her and asked her to sit beside him. In the middle of the reading, Mireille realised that she was in an intimate position with Richard and when she was about to pull back, Richard told her that they were being watched. True to his words, Mireille saw that the door was opened a little and she could hear conversation going on outside. Apparently, Cecilia has been peeking from the door but she was being urged by her attendance to leave both of them alone as more important matter was about to begin anytime. From the conversation, Mireille found out that Charlotte has been taken away my The White Rose Maiden Assembly, which is Fred personal groupies. Having known first hand of what the girls are capable of, Mireille stormed out of the room to go and save Charlotte. 
She went to the White Lily Knights for cooperation to save Charlotte and upon Cain's suggestion, she voluntarily wore a rabbit costume to 'disguise' herself. The plan was when she attracts the maidens attention to her, the knights will take Charlotte away and retreat. Charlotte was being questioned by the White Rose Maidens regarding a shawl given to Fred on the Holy Birthday. To uphold the fairness between the maidens, a rule saying no one will cheat and give Fred any gifts was established but they found out that someone Fred had received something. Coincidentally, Charlotte was witnessed being together with Fred on the Holy Birthday night so she had become their number one suspect.

When Mireille jumped into the meeting room from the window wearing the rabbit costume, Charlotte was taunting the maidens regarding the matter. In order to prevent the situation from getting any worse, Mireille admitted that she was the one who gave Fred the shawl. Before the maidens can act, Fred appeared and start to play hide and seek with the maidens. When the maidens rushed out of the room to catch him, Mireille can't help but to be saddened for she didn't expect that her own brother was so stupid. After that, on her way back to White Lily Palace, she met Prince Wilfrid who had mistaken her as Fred. Lately, he was under a dilemma regarding a person and when he saw 'Fred' in the rabbit costume watching him with teary eyes, the usual simptom appeared which led him to flee the scene with a nosebleed.

Two days later, Mireille was visiting Cecilia after she got the news that the script was done. The tragic love story about White Lily Princess and a Prince Fritz was obviously written with Fred and Cecilia as the model but Mireille refrained herself from making any comment for her own safety. When Cecilia asked her about who will be acting as the main characters, Mireille told her she will be acting as the prince while Charlotte and Lydianne both will take turn and play the princess. After she heard that, she made some arrangement to the script regarding the characters features and Mireille left the palace to make the other arrangements.

Richard was walking down the corridor when Heath came and gave him a punch. He was a little bit late dodging the attack resulting in him being hit around the jaw. He found out that Heath was Lancelot and also a priest from Xiaran from his attire. Richard was about to draw his sword when Heath threatened him saying exposing him won't do him any good either. When he was contemplating about what to do next, Mireille came and greeted them both. Richard immediately took the stance to protect Mireille but when Mireilly and Heath casually greeted each other, he was surprised. Mireille told him Heath was her chilhood friend from Sangelway. After the encounter, Richard forced Mireille to promise never to go near that man again and only look at him. Later, Richard went to find Zeke to ask if anyone from Xiaran has come. Zeke confirmed the matter but when Richard was about to pursue it any further, Zeke changed the topic asking him if he had received anything from Mireille. He also told him if he was going to make any move on Mireille, he better do it sooner before dismissing him. In the meantime, Fred was under a mission to distract Duke Grendel and prevent him from getting near to the palace when he saw a glimpse of a man which brought uneasiness into him.

Mireille was forced to take a personal acting lesson with Charlotte during the rehearsal. Here, she found out that Charlotte's situation was similar to her as she was also an illegitimate child of a noble with a commoner mother. Her relationship with Charlotte improved after their little talk. After the rehearsal in Lydianne's palace, she left the palace with Charlotte and went her way to arrange other things needed for the play. During her task, she met Heath again and chatted with him for a while. He complimented her saying she's beautiful and asked what was her relationship with Richard. Mireille told him Richard was his brother's adjutant, and he was only guarding her while she's here in Artemaris. Heath's next word surprised Mireille for he knew her brother was Ear Bernhardt and that she a duke's daughter. Mireille asked him to keep the matter a secret because it will be troublesome if the fact is known to the others. Heath murmured in low voice that it was too late for that now but he still promised Mireille he will keep his mouth shut.

Continuing with her work as the chairwoman, Mireille went to  Rafergard Palace located one hour ride away from Greenhilde to inspect the place which is to be mace as the theater location for the play. The palace's surrounding was perfect for the purpose and while discussing about how to decorate the place with Charlotte, Mireille suggested to Charlotte that she'll try negotiate with Zeke to get some flowers. When Mireille casually called the Crown Prince's name as Zeke, Charlotte commented about how she seemed close to Zeke. Mireille immediately clarified that she wasn't his lover candidate or something like that which Charlotte believed in no time for she really is an honest person. Charlotte also shared a secret with Mireille regarding Lydianne's kidnapping case from before. Apparently the ringleader behind the incident was her father, Duke Grendel. However, since she sold her father to the Crown Prince, her father's neck was saved and he was only exiled from the court. She also explained to Mireille about Edward's mother, Delphine and how she wanted to make Edward the king and that her relationship with His Majesty was bad. The situation improved after Delphine's death, however the clan from Delphine's side who had enjoyed the honey while she was alive just couldn't forget the sweet taste  power. They tried to engage Zeke with Charlotte before for the same reason and this time, since Zeke was taken, her father planned for her to be engaged with Prince Wilfrid. She knew that her father was only being used by the anti-Artemaris faction in Riezeland and will be made a scapegoat after their plan was successful and that's why she consulted the matter with Fred and leaked the information on her side to Zeke, helping them to settle the matter right away. This time, since her father didn't learn from the past and tried to do the same thing again, she came to tell Fred and Zeke about the matter and at the same time, she wanted to see Artemaris High Court for she was worried about Lydianne's well-being here. Doing the play also was her own way to help Lydianne to be accepted by the people around because she heard Artemaris court was strict. Mireille recalled a certain violent princess and a certain prince who wore animal costumes while walking in the palace when Charlotte says strict, thinking is Artemaris palace can be considered strict with those two people around?

After they finished making rounds inside the palace, the girls went inside to take a rest and accidentally met with Prince Wilfrid. Apparently he was in recuperation here after his last encounter with Mireille in the rabbit costume. Since Mireille was dressed as a guy, he mistook her as Fred and inviting Charlotte to sit, he took the chance to clear his mind once for all and slip the love potion in Mireille's drink. Regrettted his action in the last minute, he tried to stop Mireille from drinking the wine, however it was too late. Later Mireille went out of the palace and hugged Richard when she found him and shouted 'I like you' and fainted. Wilfrid who ran after her immediately denied having giving her any medicine eventhough no one had asked and ran away, again.

Mireille went to visit Zeke right away after she returned to the palace to ask him about the flowers. She was sent to wait in a room with a big drawing featuring a family and was inspecting the earings the blonde woman was wearing in the painting when Zeke came in and told her the painting was featuring the previous Xiaran Grand Duke family and the lady was their auntie, His Majesty's older sister. When she asked Zeke if the earrings were a popular items, Zeke answered her by asking if she had received the earrings from Richard. She made an excuse saying it was something she received on her birthday thus answering Zeke's question. He told her the earrings were inherited by the Grand Duchess for generations and asked her if she thinks Richard would have it. When Mireille said no, Richard made a comment that the one she got 'probably' a counterfait and a mere knight couldn't possible able to afford such a thing. Mireille rebuffed saying it was an important thing to Richard which Zeke replied advising her to take a good care of it. They continue to talk about the picture and Zeke found out that Mireille had known about Cecilia's real identity. He reminded to keep the secret for it only known to a handful of people only. Even Wilfrid doesn't know truth. Then, Zeke pointed his finger toward a boy in the picture, telling her that it was Ezelbert, Xiaran's Crown Prince at the time. When Mireille asked Zeke if he's searching for the missing cousin, Zeke said even if they found him, it's difficult to return him to Xiaran because he was under a suspicion and was thought to be dead in the country. Mireille couldn't help but to think of a boy she knew at her hometown when she saw the boy's face in the picture, a boy who was good at playing violin. In the mean time, Fred continued to 'entertain' Duke Grendel, preventing him from seeing the royal family.

At Lydianne's place, the Water Lily Palace, Zeke and Richard were watching the girls doing rehearsal from afar while having a little talk. Zeke was teasing Richard again regarding the earrings he gave to Mireille when Fred join them. He gave his report to Zeke, saying he has confined Duke Grendel at his home and Zeke gave him an order to stop him from repeating the same thing again at all cost. After Zeke left, Fred asked Richard if anyone from Xiaran palace has come. Richard said, no one from the palace has come but a Xiaran priest who is also working as Lancelot did come. Richard was surprised to know that Fred didn't know about the matter as he is leading the investigation regarding Xiaran so any information should come to him first. Thinking about the matter, he concluded that someone had purposely concealed the facts from Fred. He was interrupted from thinking about the matter when Cain's cat came bringing a letter saying a young man had come for duel.

After she finished practicing her dialogues with Charlotte, Mireille brought her to White Lily Salon to check on the preps. When she entered the salon, she immediately was greeted by a guy named Ian Clausen, challenging him to a duel. According to Ian, he was Charlotte's lover. Apparently, Charlotte has sent him a break-up letter, saying she was dating Earl Bernhardt. Charlotte came forward and said staright to his face that she is dating Fred and that they are of different status. She soon stormed out of the room and when Mireille was about to chase after her, Fred stopped her saying he'll go instead. Sometime later, Mireille asked Ian about his relationship with Charlotte. Ian then told her their story that they were from the same village and had also made a promise to marry. He left the village alone to improve his talent as a painter, and during that time, Charlotte was taken by her father. They met again in Riezeland when he accompanied his teacher to draw a picture for an marriage meeting with Artemaris Crown Prince. They have always been contacting each other until he received news about her departure to Artemaris. Her last letter from her was sent together with a new brush and her break up declaration. After hearing his story, Mireille said it's too early for him to give up on her and suggested to him to confirm her true feelings.That night, Mireille was practicing her lines alone in White Lily Palace when Richard found her. He volunteered to help her mastering her lines and during the heart throbbing practice, Mireille got a new idea about eloping. Her words caused Richard to misunderstand her that she was asking him to elope with her but it turned out that she was talking about changing the tragic scenario into a happy ending one.

Another day came, and Mireille, together with Richard was inspecting and deciding on the preps position at Rafergard Palace when the rains fall. They both ran into the palace and when she found a piano there, she asked Richard to play it for her. While playing the piano, Richard explained to her that the song was popular in Xiaran palace. Hearing the song he played, she said she knew the song because her friend, a boy named Kiril used to played it to her before. Richard then asked Mireille if she knew where the boy is right now but unfortunately she didn't. During the talk, she said there's someone outside and when Richard left to check on it, Heath took the opportunity to come in and said that he had been looking for her. Upon seeing Heath, Mireille asked him if he knows what happened to Kiril now and he said, if she comes to Xiaran, he'll tell her everything. He was about to use his special ability on her by forcing Mireille to look into his eyes but Richard barged in together with Leodore and saved Mireille. He gave Mireille who was unconscious to Leodore and proceed to ask Heath about Kiril. Heath told Richard that Kiril suddenly dissapeared two years ago and before he left, he threw a card to Richard, saying someone is waiting to see him. After Heath left, Richard noticed that there was another person at the scene hiding in a bush watching the whole incident.

It turned out that Prince Wilfrid was the witness to the encounter and was thinking about the whole thing after he returned to his room. Since Mireille was disguised as Fred earlier, Wilfrid can't help but to think that if is it possible for a respectable young lady that he knew off walking around in a guy outfits. To confirm the matter he decided to die by drowning.

At another place, Mireille came to her concious in a room and saw Richard standing near a window holding a key in his hand. Richard said it was a key to a treasure box but he doesn't have the box right now. He will have to search for the box later and Mireille volunteered to help him search for it. He said it was dangerous which Mireille misinterpret it as the location of the treasure box is dangerous and the conversation suddenly fell out. At that time, a knock sounded, and a few young men came in calling the earl saying that Prince Wilfrid had drown. When Mireille arrived at a green house, she found Wilfrid laying down beside a fountain. She was thinking about doing CPR in which Richard volunteered to do it instead. Before he proceeds, he commented that how strange that the prince's hair and clothes weren't wet. Before he can start the CPR, Mireille stopped him by jump into him and both of them fall rolling down. Mireille said she can't bear to see him doing it to a man. Both of the were arguing about the matter and stopped when a third person voice came in. Running out of patience, Wilfrid woke up and told both of them to cut it out. However, when he saw the position Richard and Mireille were both in, he was too disturbed and this time fell into the fountain for real. Mireille visited the prince at his room later and admitted that she had been changing places with Fred from time to time when the prince asked. Being a gentlemen, he promised to keep the secret and when he thought about the incidents so far, once again, the usual nose-bleed happened. He tried to maintained his composure from running amok again and asked Mireille if Richard is her lover. When Mireille said that they were just friends, he finally realised that he likes Mireille and fainted soon after because of the excessive nose-bleed.

The next day, preparing for the play, Mireille and the other casts were having a secret meeting regarding the changes in script. That day, Mireille noticed that Charlotte hadn't been acting like herself lately and dragged her into a room to force the truth out of her. After sometime, she gave in and told Mireille she can't be together with Ian because she's worried about her father. Suddenly, a third voice came in and Fred, together with a court lady came out from a closet in the room. Apparently, Mireille has tricked her to hear her true feelings. Fred the explained to Charlotte that if she want to help her father, the best way is for her to disappear because as long as Duke Grendel has a pawn namely her, he wouldn't stop causing trouble. Accepting the truth, Charlotte gave her nod when Ian who was disguising as the court lady asked her to go with him. After the private matters were settled, Mireille told her that the script had been changed and rushed to arrange for Charlotte elopement with Ian to Xiaran.

At a palace wing where the noble salons were located, Richard was greeted by Earl Walter when he arrived at the place written on the card given by Lancelot. He asked him what he's doing here and what he planned to do with Mireille. The earl just smiled and said he only want him to return to Xiaran.  He left after saying he'll be waiting for him at the home country, calling Richard Licht-sama.

The day for the theatre to take place finally came. Mireille was so nervous when she saw that the entire royal family with a lot of cabinet ministers attending. Before raising the curtains, they have another small meeting corfirming the attendance of Duke Grendel among the audience and the minute plans for the night. Fred said Ian is already waiting at the designated place. When Mireille saw that Richard wasn't around, Fred calmed her down saying he'll go and see him. Richard was thinking  about what to do to prevent Xiaran Grand Duke from finding Princess Marilusha when Fred came. Upon seeing him, he asked Fred to bring Mireille back to Sangelway as soon as possible. Fred asked  him what happened and Richard said he'll explain about it later.

The play started and the time to executed the plan came. Watching the play scenario which includes the prince giving the princess a cuff button made some of the White Lily Knights wonders about who was the writer and some of them actually do have an idea about it, casting a glance toward Cecilia. After saying goodbye to Lydianne, Charlotte stepped into the stage and acted her part. The part when the main character go to farthest end of the world came and after saying the lines, both Mireille and Charlotte jumped from the stage and run straight toward the audience exit. The audience started to murmur and make little noise when both main characters didn't return and Duke Grendel was about to cause a ruckus. However, seated between the knights rendered him unable to chase after her and the knight said that the play isn't over so he should remain in his seat. At the same time, after Mireille jumped off the stage with Charlotte, they went straight to the designated place. Mireille changed her clothes with Charlotte and after seeing her off with Ian, she returned to the stage dressing as a girl. While the audience was confused about what happened earlier, the curtain was raised again, showing a girl and a man standing on the high wall. After saying they will elope, both of them jumped off the wall and fall into the waterway behind the wall. Fred and Lydianne continued the play and it ended with a success.

Mireille and Richard heard the cheering announcing the end of the play while standing in the water. Mireille said she hope all would go well for both Charlotte and Ian. Richard then asked Mireille if she was cold but when she said that she was fine, he said he's freezing and hugged Mireille. Mireille couldn't apprehend what happened for a second and when she realized it, she was already completely inside Richard's arms. She started to fluster and suggested to him to get out of the water but Richard said he wanted to remain that way for a bit longer. She couldn't refused and noticing his unusual behavior, she asked him if he had some worries. She promised him she won't told anyone about it and said she would think about it together. Richard then told her about his worries regarding a girl he likes but couldn't confess about his feelings because they live in different world and that he would betray a lot of people if he did so. Mireille advised him to tell the girl he likes his true feelings and said she'll remain as his ally no matter what happened. Richard told her she shouldn't be saying such a thing any further and asked her why does she's willing to do so much for him. When Mireille said it was because he had always been helping her, Richard fell into silence for a little while. Mireille realized that it wasn't the answer that Richard wanted and while thinking about the matter, the distance between them grew much closer. In that intimate position, Richard broke the silence between them reminding her of the same situation during Zeke's engagement party. He asked her why she didn't run away at that time and said if she hated it, she could have escaped. Mireille was actually confused about it herself and thinking about it, she told Richard to let go of her hand. Richard told her to answer him first and then he'll let her got. Since Mireille kept her silence, he said he'll continue and told her to close her eyes. He stopped at the last minute before he could kiss her after he saw Mireille's face. He said he won't force her anymore and he was just joking. When Mireille opened her eyes, Richard was standing in front of her with the usual smile. He let go of her hand and and after he got ashore, he pulled Mireille out of the water. Finally, Mireille asked him if there's no reason, is it she's not allowed to help him, and said she thinks of him very important. Richard said he was the same and thanked her. Suddenly, a blanket appeared and Mireille found out that Cain was the one holding out the blanket to them. In a low voice, Cain said to Richard that he should have pushed till the end but Richard said it was fine.

The party to celebrate the success of the play was going on smoothly. One of the White Lily Knights member named Hamil was making a noise saying he wrote a letter to the script writer and was searching for the responsible person but was stopped by the other knights saying something outrageous will happen if he do so. Zeke was congratulating Lydianne for her wonderful acting, presenting her with a huge bouquet of roses when Fred came asking him for a gift as well. Zeke said he should have his fun participating in the maiden play so he should have enough. Wilfrid also came bringing with him a lot of self-made porcelain designed after Mireille's head as a present. After Wilfrid left, Zeke commented about how late Richard and Mireille were since they have yet to make their appearance at the party. He said they might have been influence by the play and eloped for real. Hearing that, Fred challenged him to make a gamble about it and Zeed readily  agreed when Lydianne scolded both the guys saying Mireille is supposed to be the second consort to hep her supporting the inner palace. She also said if Mireille chose Richard, she would just invite him into the inner palace as well so there would no problem at all. During the banter, Lydianne saw Cecilia and called her over. Fred said how happy he is for coming to see him but as usual, Cecilia denied such a thing. He also made a remark about who was the one leaking their secret about the cuff button and adapting it into the scenario, commenting he would have preferred a red-head White Lily Princess for the better.

At another place, Lancelot was having a meeting with a man in a carriage. According to that man, the Grand Duke planned to move and army to receive the bride. He ordered Lancelot to make his move kidnapping the bride only after the army has already been mobolized. Lancelot then asked him which side's ally he is and what does he planned to do with the girl. He said, she was to be his first and last trump card and went away.

Finally the series will be entering the Xiaran Arc soon! More heart-throbbing moments to come! The truth will be revealed in the next volume so look forward for it!!^^


  1. I have far too many things to tell, so I'll write my thoughts as they come ^_^
    First of all as always thanks a lot for your summary!!!! It's always a treat!!!!

    Poor Wilfried, I would have never thought he would fall for Mirielle. He's no match for Richard really...but he's very cute so I hope he'll find someone else...
    Love how Mirielle just goes head on with things even when she's scared. She definitely doesn't lack courage even though she's far too dense with Richard's feelings.. Can't wait to find out more about Kiril and Heath. Will they be possible love rivals to Richard? With so many men falling for Mirielle, will we see women truly falling for Richard too? i mean being who he is, he must have a fiancee chosen already... I just hopw his feelings won't waver at all...
    I agree with Cain, Richard should have pushed till the end but if I understood right what's going to happen later Richard is indecisive. He can't help but want to show his feelings to Mirielle but he also doesn't want to implicate her with his family problems. I can't wait to find out more about it.
    To me, it really feels like the whole story is not only about Mirielle but Richard. He's as much of a main character as she is really and the whole series is about their encounter, getting to know each other and relationship as a couple...Love it!

    I didn't get what you meant when you said Mirielle misunderstood the place the box was was dangerous... What is dangerous? the box itself?

    WOAW, sorry for the long post again ^__^

    1. Yes he is so cute, and naive! I just couldn't stop laughing whenever I read his scenes! Richard's love rivals? Well, Heath is out of the pic, but Kiril, heheh, should I give you the big spoiler? He'll play an important role later around volume 12?, hmmm, that's far >.<

      Lots of men falling for Mireille? Well, she sure has quite a few fan in Xiaran arc, but not quite so when she's in Artemaris. Think about it, only Zeke, and of course Richard are the ones interested in her in Artemaris, lol.

      And Richard couldn't cross the line because of his complicated circumstances! All the secrets will be revealed in the next volume!!^^ It's not only because his family, but since he is Xiaran Crown prince, he got lots of enemies more that you can imagine! Poor him, it's understandable he would push away Mireille >.<

      About the box, well, more like a case actually, since Richard said it contains a treasure, I think she imagined a treasure hunt, like the adventure game you play, fights the monsters before you can reach the treasure's hidden place, lol, sort of!^^

      I'm actually happy to be able to talk about this series with another poeple! So, feel free to say what you think! ;)

  2. Hi! I really enjoy this series and your summaries are very helpful since the manga takes forever to translate!

    I'm just wondering, what is the volume chapter after this? Can you give me the order of the chapters? And also, how many volume summaries have you uploaded here? I seem to have trouble accessing the other parts in this blog, sometimes the older posts doesnt show up! Sorry for the many requests! O.o

    But I really enjoy these, so thank you! Thank you very much for the hard work! :D

    1. The next volume will be volume 05: Migawari Hakushaku no Dassou. So far I've uploaded 3 volumes only. You can check the titles for this series under by clicking on Migawari Hakushaku tab under the header.

      You're welcome, and thanks for visiting this blog❦^^

  3. i think i want the next one!
    thx for your summaries!really,really like it!
    when wll u upload vol. 5?

  4. Thanks for the summaries! I love the love story between Richard and Mirelle. Do you plan on continuing with the series?


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