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Sunday, March 18, 2012

[TRANSLATION] 07-Ghost: Kapitel 80

And Kapitel 80!
Hmm.... The names are killing me!
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SFX: breath
[Teito who wakes up...]

Teito : -What time is it now?

[There's still some time until the gathering. I think I'll sleep a bit more...]
[...Hm? What is this fragrance...]
[Right, this perfume is...]
SFX : click click click click

[Chief Ayanami's...]


[The tranquility time for you-]

[Kapitel.81 Masquerade - First Part]


SFX : clang // rattle // rattle // rattle

Teito : I'm... I'm really sorry!!

Teito : I was sleeping in the waiting room. Teito : A-... and, err... Could... // Could it be that this is Chief's coat...

Ayanami : Among my begleiter,
Ayanami : to sleep like a log in front of the door // and made me carry him into the waiting room, you're the first one to do so

Teito : zzz...
Ayanami : opens


SFX : whisper whisper
Teito : zzzz....
SFX : thud thud

Teito : Woooaah!! I'm really sorry!! I'll write an apology letter right away...
Ayanami : You're noisy // You're worn out from the examination. Standby in your room until the time comes
SFX : scuttle

[I can't believe it... For me to not wake up while being carried by another people...]
[I've never even shown such a chance until now...]
[Would a simple examination will affect me this far...?]

Ayanami : ......


Ayanami : How long are you going to stand there // You're dismissed
Teito : Ye... Yes!

Ayanami : Today is the princess' birthday party, and waiting tomorrow is the coronation ceremony // It will influence the empire's future, be careful with your conducts

Ayanami : ...However
Ayanami : Don't forget to take care of yourself too

Ayanami : There are a lot of replacements for a guard, but,
Ayanami : There's no one who can replace you, my excellent subordinate


Teito : ......!
Teito : Yes!

[It's the first]

["Battle slaves are consumable goods"]
["We have countless of people who can replace you"]

[This is my first time being told such a thing]


[There's no one who can replace you-...]

Hyuuga : Ooh

Hyuuga : It was different than with me, you're quite kind

Ayanami : Hmp... // Of course.


[It's my body after all]

[There's one more key to open the Pandora box]
[Just one more and my wish will come true]


SFX : pon pon pon

Butler : We've been waiting for both of you, Shuolon Hausen-sama couple from 6th District

Butler : 5th District, Shav Brintz-sama, welcome-...

Frau : As expected from an ex-head of family!


Castor : I'm just borrowing my branch family's name

[November 30th, the First Princess, Roseamanelle Ouka Barsburg will receive the words of blessing from the current emperor and every ally countries, and will become 16 years old tomorrow]


[Tomorrow, December 01st, she'll finally be crowned as the Empress of the Barsburg Empire]

[Today's birthday party is]


[The eve of festival to celebrate the birth of the Empress where the nobles were invited one step ahead]
Lady : It's the long awaited masquerade! I'll catch a good man!
Lady : Ufufu, I'll show the fruit of my dance lesson // -...But, today's main character is

[Whatever you say, it's the admired Princess Ouka!!]
*This year's fashion will of course be twin tails*

Lady : But, since it's a masquerade, we won't know which one is Ouka-sama
Lady : Oh, the gentlemen who wear the black mask, are the said...

Lady : That's right, this masquerade is a traditional event inherited by generations of the royal family, the "Groom Choosing"
Lady : It was decided that only seven chosen groom candidates from every continent can wear the black mask // Their conducts will be watched by everyone at all times.


[Because the eye of Raphael can only be accepted by females, for generations, Barsburg Empire has always been a country ruled by an empress]
[However, there are a lot of cases where the one who inherited the eyes lived a short life]
[If, by chance, the empress passed away, there's a tradition where an emperor will be chosen to be the guardian for the heir until her time to succeed the throne comes]

Lady : The next emperor seat is promised after all
Lady : All of them must be desperate on the inside


Gyokuran : Everyone! Are you ready?
Gyokuran : The day to critic Ouka-sama's groom candidates has finally come!
Lady : Not critic, it's the day to choose

Gyokuran : 2nd District's Shuri Oak! // The Oak Family number one idiot son!

Gyokuran: 3rd District's Chunk Ryan! He's haughty!

Gyokuran : 4th District's Ron Hausen! // He's timid!

Gyokuran : 5th District's Billy Blintz! // He's just a nouveau riche's son!
Gyokuran : 6th District's Lindzel Claude! // He is said to decide everything using divination!


Gyokuran : 7th District' Roan Velius! // He's out of question just by looking at his appearance!!
*He's been eating for some time*

Gyokuran : Even if you're wearing a mask, you can't escape from this Gyokuran-sama's foresight!
SFX : Hohohoho
Lady : 1st District's groom candidate, Granne-sama's son // Seems like he's resting because of an infectious disease

Lady : The details about the infection are still unknown...
Gyokuran : Eh...? The report just came in!? That Granne, she has been hiding it!? // Trying to get her hands on the political power even though everyone around her are dying, how preposterous!!

Lady : Then... That guy, is he the substitute?


Hakuren : He is Ouka-sama's guard who is disguised as a groom candidate  // and placed by the Royal Family Administrative Director's request

Hakuren : He's also a member of Barsburg family
Hakuren : Hmm...Is there such a child before...?

Lady : My... What a beautiful gentleman...
Lady : I wonder from which noble family he is...?

SFX : click click click


Hyuuga : Kuro-tan, Konatsu and Katsuragi-san are guarding at their own position
Hyuuga : There are still no traces that the ghosts have infiltrate inside

Ayanami : ...No

Ayanami : It's right on schedule
[They're nearby]


SFX : ba-thump

SFX : suddenly

*Kyaa, he looks this way❤*
*Good Luck❤*

Teito : ......
[...just my imagination...]


SFX : glance
[Nothing unusual with the princess...huh]

Shuri : Seriously // For me to wear this lame mask...

SFX : rawr
Shuri : But I definitely hate it okay! // For me to be Princess Roseamanelle's fiance!!
Teito : Just in case that you were chosen, it would be the end of this empire

Shuri : Papa just died, like I can think of such a thing!
*The adults really are idiots!*
*I agree with you about that as well*
Shuri : Furthermore // I definitely will be made fun of if I marry someone smarter that me!


Shuri : If I'm to marry, I'll pick someone who is dumber than me, the cutest in the world // someone who loves and believes in me the most in the world, someone lovely who'll follow me like a little bird
Teito : There's no such girl

Shuri : ...You // Who have you been looking at since a while ago?

Shuri : Haha~n // How impertinence of you to be so passionate about the girls!

SFX : slowly

Teito : The Princess is missing
Shuri : Eh?


[I've decided to live honestly to myself]

Ouka : *Sigh*... So tired... // As I thought, I'm not suited to do this kind of thing...
[Because I don't want to lose the light inside myself]
[If I do so, no matter what happens, I can accept it]

[That time, the worries inside me were cleared away]
[Even if I succeed the throne, I won't be this empire's decoration doll]


[Even if I live here, I won't lose the light]

[My start begins now]

Guy : Is there something wrong?


Guy : Excuse me, *Ojou-san
TN : young lady/miss
Guy : To let a beautiful lady like you alone... I can't help but call on you

SFX : gulp

Ouka : There's nothing to worry about, I'm just a little bit tired
SFX : slowly
[Behind him]
Guy : That won't do

Guy : You'll get sick if you stay in this cold place
[A black shadow...]
Guy : Please come over here and take a res-...]


Guy : Gack

Ouka : !!?

Teito : Will you dance a song with me?


Ouka : !!

Guy : Who are you!!
*cough* *cough*

SFX : bonk


Guard : What are you doing!!
Teito : !

Teito : I've caught the people who targeted the Princess' life
Guard : What!?

Ouka : ......
Teito : He's holding a weapon, take him away!

Ouka : You... You are...
Teito : I'll escort her to a safe place so that the other people won't notice

Teito : Don't worry, I have been tasked to guard you


Ouka : ...... // Teito...?

Teito : ...!?
Teito : Why do you know my name...?


[Teito and Ouka, the inevitable reunion. The motive of the threatening shadow who creeps in is-?]

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  1. Wow! First I wantr to thank you for translating this 2 chapter! I really love it!

    But, this is not a bad critic, I'm just pointing a few things out, like some parts don't seem very well connected, like the translation of a bubble to another. Its as if some snetences were a bit off, as if its was missing something the way the character said.

    Since I only know English (and Portuguese) end up thinking what sentences would be best, in the same way of what you tranalated but a bit diferent. If you don't mind cheacking out my journal and see for yourself if I actually made some usefull [to 07-ghost scans].
    Since its the first time I'm doing something like this, I'm a bit nervous so please don't chew me out too hard :)
    the direct link is: http://animemanniac001.livejournal.com/3871.html

    So bye bye for now, thank you again for the trans :)
    Kiss Kiss
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