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Sunday, March 18, 2012

[TRANSLATION] 07-Ghost: Kapitel 79

Working on chapter 79 and 80 scanlations!
Feel free to point out any mistakes for me!
UPDATE: Full chapter added to the download folder.
Password: research

Kapitel.79; "Emperor"

[The enjoyment, saved only for the cold days!]


[Maintenance for the first equipment, complete]

[Mikael experimental body 17, connect to the deep state of mind]

[Resonance, 70%]

[Mikael, appears!]

SFX : whoosh


Mikael : ...What does it mean...

Mikael : Some part of the *lock is broken...
TN : password
Mikael : Could it be that master has opened it? // Anyway, I have to repair it...


Ayanami : Reparation is absolutely forbidden

Mikael : ...Why are you here...
Mikael : This is a place where only me and my master can enter


Ayanami : Obey me
Ayanami : I'll say once more, reparation is absolutely forbidden

Mikael : Hmm // I won't hear any ordered except from my master...

Mikael : ...?

Mikael : ...sk
Mikael : Master...!?

Ayanami : When you reject the order // I'll send brainwaves which will cause terror to the eye's handler


["Obey me"]

Ayanami : over, and
Ayanami : over, and
Ayanami : over


Ayanami : Therefore, Mikael who protects the master // will reflectively obey to evade the fears from the master
Ayanami : This is my idea of "The Guardian Enforcement System"

Ayanami : I'll be taking command of you from now
Ayanami : Obey me


Mikael : I understand...

[Mikael brainwash is a success]

[Resonance, down to 54%]



Teito : ......
Teito : Here is...

Teito : Aah... That's right...

Teito : The lock... I have to open it

[Hurry up and remember]

Frau : If you don't




Teito : Hurry...
[I don't know why I'm in such a hurry like this]
Teito : Hurry...

[That *lock is the last]
TN : password
[That is-...]


[Damn brat]

["Recall it"]

[Protection of the god // upon you]


Prof : In deep state of mind, there are cases when various things suddenly took shape because of many uncertain elements
Prof : Especially // It's easy for something important or hateful in the heart, something with a big impact to appear


[Curse you... The remaining thought huh...]

Prof : But, it's such a pity. I've wanted to see the inside of the cage as well

[Maintenance for M-17, complete]

SFX : fwuush


Konatsu : Teito-kun!
SFX : swoosh

Teito : !?
SFX : grab

Konatsu : Ah // Good, you've recovered a bit!
*I've been looking for you because you didn't come out of the toilet*
Teito : Konatsu-san...
*what would you do if it hit me*

Konatsu : That examination, it must be hard on you doing that everyday... Want me to delay it for you?
*Ah, Peach juice 100%, thanks*
Teito : No, it's okay... // argh

SFX : throws up

Teito : I'm fine!

Teito : In order to get my memories back, this is nothing
Teito : And, I also have someone I want to remember...

Teito : By the way, Konatsu-san, do you need something with me?
Konatsu : Ah, // Right, yes!


Konatsu : The royal family head attendant is calling for you-...

Head attendant : There's a birthday party for the first princess, Roseamanel tomorrow
Head attendant : I want you to be the princess guard during the party

Guy : You can ask about the details from the princess chamberlain here


*You... You are...!*
*So you're serving the princess*

Hakuren : The main event for the birthday party is the masquerade
Hakuren : The fiance candidates for the princess will hide their identities with a mask and propose, and the princess will choose someone she likes

Hakuren : However, there are a lot of people aiming to assassinate the princess // So we have to protect the princess from a close distance, in comparison to the usual guard
Hakuren : Tomorrow, you'll become one of the princess fiance candidates who were gathered from Barsburg 7 continents prestigious families, and protect the princess

Head attendant : Since you'll be disguising as the princess fiance candidate
Head attendant : You won't be a battle slave anymore

Head attendant : To be specific, you'll be an adopted son of Miroku Barsburg-sama who had raised you // In other words, you'll be a member of Barsburg family


Teito : I...
Teito : I'll become Miroku-sama's adopted son...!?
Guy : The talk about you becoming his adopted son has been going for while, but // because you have the slave stigma branded on you, it took time to be approved

Head attendant : That's how it is, I'll leave it to you then
*Is... Is that okay?*
Teito : Ye-... Yes!
*Even though the status has changed, the insides are still the same...*

Hakuren : - And so, about the biggest problem...

Hakuren : You, can dance right?


Hakuren : A passing mark
*How unexpected*

Teito : I've been forced to learn various things before I enroll into the military school

Hakuren : However // You lack consideration toward the female, and be more kind when you're holding the hand
Teito : Aren't you a guy
Hakuren : You fool, it's an advice for the real thing
SFX : spin spin spin

SFX : fwoosh
Head attendant : clap clap clap


Head attendant : With this, I have nothing to worry about
*Thank god, it's great*

Head attendant : But // You guys were like old friends,  the rhythms are perfectly matched
Head attendant : Well then, I'll leave it to you then tomorrow, Teito Klein
SFX : slowly
SFX : stiffen
Teito : Yes

Hakuren : Your memories...
Hakuren : still haven't returned...?

Teito : ...Yes, I'm sorry // It was wrong of me to say such a horrible thing to you before
Teito : Mikage's... I went to visit Mikage's grave...

Teito : You were telling the truth
Hakuren : ...!


Hakuren : If that so // You can believe that you weren't in the military two months ago too right?
Teito : ...That is
Hakuren : ......

Hakuren : I've brought the evidence with me today
SFX : rattle rattle
Teito : !?

SFX : opens
Mikage : Burupya-!!

Teito : Wh-... What with this rabbit!?
*Uwaa* *It's cute* *And fluffy*
Hakuren : You said it was Mikage's reincarnation


Teito : ...!

Teito : I don't remember... When did I say such a thing...?
Hakuren : Two months ago // You told me when we meet at Barsburg Great Church in order to take the Bishop examination

Teito : Barsburg Great Church...? Bishop Examination...?
Teito : The Chief said I'm a begleiter and I was here for the past two months // You're lying

Hakuren : Why can you obstinately say that
Teito : Because what the Chief said is the truth // You too, why are you trying so hard?
Hakuren : Aaahh?


Hakuren : Because I'm your comrade


Hakuren : Take a look at this, a note when we studied together // This is your handwriting right
Hakuren : And the plush toy you made using the church cloth // If you like, want to test the DNA from the bloodstain?

[Bishop examination...]


[...It's no good]
SFX : buzz buzz buzz


Hakuren : Teito? // Do you hear me?
[no good...]

Teito : ...sk
SFX : buzz buzz buzz

[Obey me]

Teito : Stop it!!

SFX : clang


Teito : It's wrong to to raise an objection against the Chief!!

Hakuren : ...!?
Hakuren : Chief! Chief! What's wrong with you!!

Hakuren : ...?

Teito : Stop it...
Teito : That's... wrong...
*heavy breathing*


Teito : Only the ones said by the Chief are the truth...!!

Nanase : Even if you don't make a move // aren't there a lot of people who want to kill the next empress...
SFX : pour pour


Emperor : Make sure you succeed this time
Emperor :The farce where an empress rules this empire has to end


Nanase : It's as you say, Your Majesty
Nanase : For your Majesty to keep holding this empire's power // I, Nanase, will spare no effort in to succeed

[I has been a few decades since the last empress passed away...]
[Ouka-sama who inherited the eye of Raphael can choose the next emperor when she became 16 years old tomorrow, and consequently obtains the right to succeed the empress...]
[If that happens, Wolfram Eifeler Barsburg-sama who is also Ouka-sama guardian will have to abdicate the power and retire...]

Nanase : But, there are still a lot of unknowns regarding the eye of Raphael
Nanase : I think it's better to continue the research while keeping the princess alive...


Emperor : You can't

Emperor : The eye of Raphael can already be handled without the princess...
Emperor : Isn't that right, Nanase

Emperor : Enough, you're dismissed
Nanase : Yes...

Retainer : Your Majesty
Retainer : About the assassination, even if you don't do it yourself, we will...

Emperor : I have a country I want the most right now


Emperor : A scheme where the ambassador of that country bears the crime of assassinating the princess // I already had this guy planned it

Unknown : We can't let the citizens feel suspicious of His Majesty because of the royal family dispute
Unknown : If we let the other country plots he assassination, the citizens will hold the animosity toward the county as well // We can indicate the legitimacy for a war too

Retainer : ...sk
SFX : shudder

Retainer : Wh-... What are you!!
Retainer : Your Majesty!! You can't let an unknown people like that stay by your side!!


Emperor : You're dismissed
SFX : tap
SFX : tap
Emperor : This guy was my confidant during the Raggs wars as well // Thanks to him, everything went well. How can there be a problem

Mustery : You can call me a war merchant

SFX : jabber jabber

Attendant : Your Majesty...


[There's a movement // to call out the handler of the eye of Mikael to the next empress...]

Emperor : Crush it

Emperor : The eye of Mikael and it's handler will be made as an experiment material and imprisoned, do not let them get out in open

Kid : Uwoah! // He's like a different person!

Frau : I'll play with you once I get back so behave yourself okay
Kid : Shut up


Frau : Well then, let's go and get the damn brat!!

[Finally, the bishop trio make their move! The premonition of troubles at the masquerade-!]

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