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Saturday, March 3, 2012

[TRANSLATION] Ookami Heika no Hanayome Chapter 11

The end of Kouju... Haha, JK! I made a mistake of not saving the notepad when I was translating this chapter, so when my laptop shutdown because I forgot to charge the battery, well, you know, the usual palm-face! It took 1.5 time longer to finish this chap! 

Touka : Arara? // Did the young miss go to the Inner Palace again?

Han Shisei : Aa // It looks like she met His Majesty the other day // and she looks like she has taken quite an interest in him

Touka : It's exactly as Master planned // All that left is...
Han Shisei : -...Looks, education and background...


Han Shisei : There's no other girl who can fill all these requirements // If only His Majesty can understand this...

Kouju : Okisaki-sama // Is it okay to go through this path next?

Yuurin : You're right // Let's take a rest at the gazebo up ahead


Yuurin : It's quite fun to stroll around the garden // Since I couldn't have come this far by myself...

Kouju : If you like it // I would be happy to accompany you anytime, Okisaki-sama

Yuurin : She really is cute-
Kouju : -I'm really happy for you to call me again

Kouju : Seems like I've caused you some trouble the other day because of my carelessness...
[The cheating scene; sort of]
Yuurin : No // Same here // The other day was-


[What happened the other day...]

[Ran away]
[Being chased after]
Yuurin : -...
["You are // my consort"]

[Calm down, me! // That was just the part-time consort's kind of thing! // It's not like there's a deep meaning...!
Yuurin : After that
[I'm sorry // to have upset and scared you]

[He apologized to me...]
Heika : It's a blunder, a mistake...


[-But, at that time, I]
[It wasn't because I was afraid of His Majesty...]

Kouju : -Okisaki-sama...
Yuurin : Yes

Kouju : -...Well... Today... // Is His Majesty coming to Inner Palace today...?


Yuurin : Emm... He got some work going today...
Kouju : Is that... so...


Yuurin : What about His Majesty...? *Do you have some business with him?*
Kouju : No // Well...

Kouju : - I thought // It would be great if the three of us can spend some time together again...



[After that, I did see Kouju for a few times, but]

[The conversation topic completely changed into "His Majesty" and "Inner Palace"...!]

[How do you spend time with His Majesty in Inner Palace...]
[Life in Inner Palace...]
[Okisaki-sama, what do you think about increasing people in Inner Palace...]

[Somehow, I feel like she's becoming less and less cute // Is this-]

Heika : -Yuurin

Heika : What's wrong? To be so lost in thought


Heika : What are you worrying about, my consort

Yuurin : No
Yuurin : Your Majesty // Err... You...

Heika : ...I // What?

SFX : ba-thump

Yuurin : It's-It's-It's-It's nothing
Yuurin : Look, seems like you're being called

[Damn you "Wolf King"]
Heika : ?


[While saying cruel and ruthless // Do not go around shrewdly deceiving an innocent girl!]
SFX : grrr
[The gaze hurts]
[It still has long way to go...]
[Even though you only met her once or twice]

[What a sinful guy...!]

Yuurin : -It's just, there's one thing I can't understand // She doesn't seem to think that I am a hindrance... *Okisaki-sama*
*Umm... Noble-like...?*

Yuurin : Elder
Elder : What
Yuurin : The Inner Palace's one man with multiple women's system // Would it turn out well...?


Elder : Of course it won't

Elder : You see, the place called Inner Palace looks lovely on the surface, but
Elder : Once you open the lid, it's the war history, rinsing off the blood with blood

Elder : The women who fight for the king's affections...! // You can't stay alive if you're not strong!
Elder : Do your best, cleaning girl!
Yuurin : I don't want to do my best for such things...


Elder : *Hohoho* I do think you have the prospects! // ...Well, just do as you fit in your own way
[Say, didn't you say something like the Inner Palace is the king's soothing place before?]
[Hohoho, it is, for the king!]

[In my own my... even if you say so]

Kouju : - Since then // His Majesty doesn't show his face...

Yuurin : He is a busy man after all...
[If a cute girl like this sets her eyes]


Kouju : Am I... // hated...

[and makes her move, approaching]
Yuurin : There- // There's no such a thing
Kouju : Okisaki-sama
Kouju : Without realizing it, if I had caused His Majesty to be displeased with me, I...

Kouju : What should I do...
[There's no way I can win...!!]

Yuurin : I'll try... and ask him... after this...
Kouju : Really!?



[It's all because of "Wolf King"..!]

Heika : Yuurin...

Heika : Do you know what your job is...?
SFX : stare
[A temporary bride to repel the marriage proposal]
Yuurin : Urgh

Yuurin : But... But, she
Yuurin : seems like she truly... fond of you

Yuurin : For a part-timer like me to stop the feeling is...

Heika : -
Heika : Toward the "Wolf King" // whom she only met once or twice?


Heika : Worthless
Heika : A girl of that age // it's understandable once she gets the idea in her head, she'll cling to it


Heika : -Oh well // I'm sure the probability that it was an order from her father is high // So she can't just return empty-handed

Heika : In any case
Heika : It's okay for you not to take her on seriously

[-This man]


[What does he think]
[A maiden heart is-!?]
Heika : !?

[I can't believe it]

Yuurin : To be liked by a cute, refined and good girl like that // what's with that kind of remark!

Yuurin : You heartless guy!! // Idiot! Womanizer!!


Yuurin : I totally got it now that you're not interested // It's much more pitiful for her to let her see you!!
Yuurin : Good night!!
Heika : Yuurin
Heika : ...
Heika : Night...

[It's your "Wolf King" who tricked her // and you say "worthless"!? What the hell was that!

Yuurin : ~~~~~

[If so, as I thought]

[Saying, "As long as I have you it's enough"]
["You're my consort"]
[That was only me getting flustered all by myself]


[For His Majesty, it's not something worthy to be concerned with...!!]

Yuurin : He really is the worst-...!! *After all, it's all my misunderstanding...!*

Heika : Yuurin is difficult...
*I don't know her switch*

Heika : To be like this with just one consort // I don't feel like I can possibly manage the Inner Palace...
Rijun : You shouldn't measure Yuurin-dono using the normal standard...

Heika : -She's too kind toward anyone // and she's also quick to trust people
Heika : ...Even though she's afraid of the "Wolf King" // ...she still try to stay in the Inner Palace


Heika : ...I hope she won't be hurt // ...by the worthless troubles...

[I'm sure she would be fine, she's tough after all...]
[The same goes for you...]

Elder : *Hoho* A fight! // You guys are really close!! *Wonderful! Great*
Yuurin : We're not

Yuurin : *Ah, geez* Seriously, that person, what does she think of a girl's affection...!
*There should be a better way to say it...*
Elder : Hohoho // For that person, I think there's no difference between affection and hostility


Elder : Because a king has everything // He's desired by everyone
Elder : Since // everyone comes to snatch him nonstop // he can't afford to treasure each of them

Yuurin : -

Elder : You're one of a kind to be able to have a fight with him you know? // That person always drives away everything after all...

[-His Majesty always, just like that]


[Throws away everything...]
Yuurin : Well...
Yuurin : I'm sorry... // Seems like His Majesty couldn't find time to come

Kouju : - Is... that so // We... Well, I'll come again later...

[My heart hurts...]
Yuurin : -No // I think it will be difficult too from now on...
[-But // Since there's no possibility for you to be accepted]

[It's better while the wound is still shallow-...]


Kouju : Sob
Kouju : No matter what... is it a no...?

Yuurin : I'm... sorry...

[-Or was it better for me to let her see him? // Even though she'll be hurt-...]
Kouju : ...rible

Kouju : You're horrible // Okisaki-sama, just by doing that

Kouju : His Majesty, and the Inner Palace... // Do you plan to monopolize them all...?

Yuurin : Eh
Kouju : - I


Kouju : I can get along with you as well! // - Even so, am I still not allowed!?

Yuurin : Erm, calm down-

Kouju : Even just for a little bit // Can't you share them with me!

Yuurin : ! // Behind you, look out

Yuurin : !


Kouju : Okisaki-sama!?
Kouju : Some- // Somebody

Kouju : The consort is...!

Yuurin : !!


Yuurin : Aaah, what a failure...!
["Monopolize"? "Share"? // His Majesty?]

[-Everybody fights over the king]
[But, if that so]


[His Majesty is-]

SFX : cough cough
Heika : -Are you alright, Yuurin
Yuurin : Yo- // Your Majesty...!? // Why

SFX : cough cough

Heika : - Han Kouju // What do you mean by this!? // Explain the situation


Yuurin : No // Your Majesty!

Yuurin : I slipped and fell on my own
Yuurin : Please don't get angry // It's scary

Heika : -

Yuurin : I'm fine!


Heika : -
Heika : I came because I was worried about you and look...

Heika : Don't you know how much... // you're not good for my heart...

[-Your Majesty...]

Kouju : Okisaki-sama... I... // didn't mean to do this...

Yuurin : It's okay // Don't cry


Yuurin : -Kouju // If you seriously want His Majesty
Yuurin : I want you to come for him // with feelings that you'll make him happy

Yuurin : If not, I can't give him to you

[Not only with just "want"]


[But with much stronger feelings]

Kouju : Father // I lost my confidence...

Kouju : It didn't go as I planned at all // And His Majesty really scary when he's angry...

Han Shisei : -If you take time, such a thing will...
Han Shisei : After all, there's no other people more suitable than you as a consort

Kouju : -That's not true, Father

Kouju : The consort who covered me from His Majesty... // was so wonderful...
Han Shisei : ...Hn?


[I am your consort for now]
Yuurin : Anyway, // please stop deceiving the girls carelessly okay

Yuurin : -Please bear with just the consort
*Do not increase the victim*

[It's enough]

[for me alone to be troubled by the aimless heart-throb]

Heika : -’Kay

*That's a good answer...*

Seriously, the couple is so cute! 
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  1. You're right!!! They are so cuteee ~~~

  2. To tell you the truth i have just found out about this blog. I really like it :)
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    1. Thanks!^^ Well, they are my favorite stuff as well! Looks like we're on the same wavelength here!^^

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    2. That's a nice way of doing things :)
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  3. First I want to say thank you for such great work! Your scans are top notch, and I really like the way your site is set up.

    P.S. Was anyone else wondering just what was going through Kouju head when she got all glittery eyed about Yuurin? I'm looking forward to how Kouju's going to act around Yuurin after this. (I don't ship people. I just find relationships amusing.)

    1. You're welcome and thanks for visiting me here!^^

      Kouju just found her latest obsession! Wait till I get to volume 4! More interesting plot coming! But I thing there's a site summarizing this manga. You can visit there if you want to know what will happen next ;)

    2. I think it'll be worth the wait to get the full effect. ^_^ Thanks again!


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