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Saturday, March 3, 2012

[TRANSLATION] Ookami Heika no Hanayome Chapter 09

I was planning on translating this series long ago after the first scanlation group for this series dropped the series, but when I was about to start it, there was a new fan who picked up this series and scanlated volume two.
However, with no good raws to work on, the scanlation went on hiatus again, so here I am, providing dear fans with a simple translation! It's nothing much, but I hope you'll enjoy it!
This is not a raw, but a chinese scanlation.


[Country of Hakuyou]

[Inside the silent palace // the subjects are imploring their king's disposition]

[The King; Haku Reishou]

Minister : Today, I've brought with me our province's products

[While paying the highest attention, being careful not to anger him]

Minister : And, this


Minister : I hope the consort will be happy with this

Yuurin : Is this all // for the consort...
Rijun : Yes, for the time being // please take a look at them

[The King's Consort; Tei Yuurin]

[Seems like the gifts have increased lately]
[Up until now, only assassins have been sent over though... *what's the meaning of this!?*]

[So // they started to think it's better to win her over rather than getting rid of her]


Heika : Do you find anything you like? // Yuurin
Yuurin : !!

Yuurin : We're not in front of the people so please cease the act, Your Majesty!

His Majesty : Ahaha // Sorry sorry
[As usual, I'm]

[In the middle of my part-time job as a temporary bride // for this puppy-like Majesty who is hiding his true character by acting as the Wolf King]

Heika : So, // how is it? Anything interesting?

Yuurin : ...Anyhow, it will be retrieved later // Even if I like it, there's nothing I...
SFX : Open
Yuurin : -Wow


Yuurin : This is // really gorgeous... *The color is refreshing~*

Rijun : Aa, that woven fabric // is an offering from Han Family

Rijun : I heard that it was a special rare item, ordered from the neighbor country // ...Nothing less to  expect from a famous family, the gift's quality sure is different
*If I have this, I'm sure things such a debt will...*
SFX : Gulp

*Takes away*

Rijun : Yes right,
Rijun : There's a request from the Han Family head, saying he wishes to make his greeting the day after tomorrow so, // you two, please take care of it, okay

Yuurin : Eh?
Heika : Ack


Yuurin : 'Ack'?

Rijun : Your Highness, greeting is also part of the job!
*Do not hate it*
SFX : strict
Heika : Yea-...

Rijun : Speaking of Han Family, // Previously, after His Majesty refused the marriage proposal, there's that one case where an assassin appeared planning to overthrow the consort
Rijun : It was a little bit suspicious but...

Rijun : There was no strange movement after that, // and considering how they have sent gifts for the consort, they probably have given up, and changed their course

Rijun : After all, // There's nothing they'll lose by building up a good relations on the surface
*They are a famous family after all!*
*Seems like he really does have taken a liking to those fabrics
Heika : ..........


Heika : -I // Personally, I'm not really good at dealing with Minister Han *I don't want to get close to him*

Heika : *Ah* Yuurin, make sure you don't let your guard down around him okay! // Because I don't know what he might be thinking!

[Umm... - It's unusual for His Majesty to say something like this...]
Yuurin : Does it mean, that he's quite a dangerous person...?

Yuurin : I got it...! // I'll brace up myself and do my best!
*Fighting spirit up!*
Heika : Go for it!!
*That's the spirit, that is*
*No... like I say, good relations...*


[In the first place, // I don't like the idea of trying to get something by changing one's attitude!!]
*It's too much for me*
*That's your personal reason...*

Yuurin : What?

Yuurin : His Majesty has an urgent business?
Maid : Yes, he said, he'll be late coming here...

Maid : What shall we do...
*Your Majesty, did he escape... No way, he is a busy man

Yuurin : -
Yuurin : I understand


Yuurin : I will // greet Minister Han by myself
[If he does have something planned behind the back]
[I'll face it with the spirit to expose him myself!]
Han Shisei : -May the Consort be in good health


Han Shisei : I'm very honoured to have been able to have an audience with you
Han Shisei : I am Han Shisei
*Sparkle* *Sparkle*

Yuurin : Hmm

[I thought he would be more like an imposing old man...]

Yuurin : Thank your for the wonderful gift the other day // It was my first time seeing such a beautiful fabric


Han Shisei : I'm glad you like it // It means it was worth worrying about it before


Han Shisei : It's embarrassing for me to say that I don't know what would pleased a young lady
Han Shisei : So I've consulted my daughter about it but...

Han Shisei : Every last one of what I had chosen // lame, formal, not enough humor, it was a harsh evaluation...

Han Shisei : I shouldn't have done something I'm not familiar with
Han Shisei : So I took a lot of time

Yuurin : *Errr* Don't worry, it was really wonderful


Han Shisei : Thank you very much. // The consort is really kind...
*Are you comparing me with your daughter...?*


[The maliciousness is being pulled out...]
Han Shisei : If the consort is pleased // I hope it would pleased His Majesty all together as well

Han Shisei : If things we can do for His Majesty increased, we would be happy as well
Han Shisei : Because His Majesty doesn't really open his heart toward us the subjects


Yuurin : -...
Han Shisei : It's a pathetic story
Han Shisei : Even if we told him we want to support him, he doesn't pay any attention to us // and when we suggested him to at least let us prepare a consort in the inner palace, he rejected the idea

Han Shisei : - // To have someone like you by his side
Han Shisei : I'm sure His Majesty's heart would be at ease

Han Shisei : Toward you, the consort, from the bottom of my heart
Han Shisei : I would like to tell you how grateful I am...


Heika : I'm sorry today // In the end, I didn't make it in time...
*In the middle of checking the offerings*
Heika : How was Minister Han?

Yuurin : He was such a nice guy which makes me feel sorry for myself for doubting him...
Heika : *Aa-...* He sure does have a nice outer face

Yuurin : -You don't need to put it that way
Yuurin : He really does seem worried about Your Majesty you know?

[He really does seem]


[hurted by the distance born from]
[the Wolf's King act]

Heika : Yuurin,
Heika : have you been persuaded by the nice words and gifts?

Yuurin : What do you mean by that

Heika : ...Even though I told you not to let your guard down

Heika : Inside the royal court, kindness // is not something you can count on


Heika : No matter how beautiful the gift boxes are // the contents are something which demand a return... or some other reasons

SFX : rattle
Yuurin : Wou- // Would you suspect anything and everything!?

Yuurin : Even though, it could probably be filled with proper sincerity...!

Heika : -I wonder why you would back him up so much

Yuurin : It- // It's not about backing up or something like that

[Because // if you put it that way]


[Your Majesty, for you everything is...]

Heika : -Yuurin, to begin with // ...you don't have enough wariness

Yuurin : WH-


Yuurin : What are you saying! // I'm known to be a reliable person!
Yuurin : In the first place, this doesn't have to do with that-

Heika : ...Are you sure?


SFX : Ba-thump
SFX : rattle

Heika : I do think,
Heika : that you trust people too much though

Yuurin : -

Yuurin : I // am


Yuurin : -only trusting // something that I want to believe in

Heika : -That is // Yuurin's good point // after all

Heika : Nevertheless // I do think you better not overestimate overly trusting
Yuurin : -


[What's with him!]
[What's with that!]

SFX : turns away

[What's with him! Saying as if I don't have eyes for people-!!]
Houen : ?
Houen : ?
*She got mad at me...*

[Your Majesty you idiot! Distrusting other people!]

Han Shisei : *Okisaki-sama // Thank you for sharing your precious time with me yesterday
TN : Consort

Yuurin : Minister Han... // Do you have some business with His Majesty?
Han Shisei : Yes, but since he's in the middle of a meeting...


SFX : Friendly
[As I thought, I can only see him as a nice guy]
Yuurin : But for His Majesty to say such a thing, is there anything wrong about him?
SFX : gloomy gloomy

Attendant : Excuse me

Han Shisei : -...You even receive gifts in the office?
Yuurin : Yes, they were sent here occasionally...

[For kindness // there are compensation and reason]
[Inside the beautiful box is-...]

Yuurin : Ah // this box's lid is // opened-



Han Shisei : Okisaki-sama // Dangerous!

Yuurin : !!



Yuurin : Minister Han!

Han Shisei : Fall back // -Somebody! The attendant who brought the box just now! // He should still be near-


Heika : What happened

Yuurin : Heika!

Yuurin : Minister Han, // he covered for me and was bitten by the snake

Heika : -Poisonous snake?
Han Shisei : I don't know, but I'm afraid it is

Heika : Do not move him // Quick, call the Old Master

Rijun : Bind with a string to stop the poison from spreading-


Han Shisei : I'm not worthy to have Your Majesty worrying about me
Heika : Seems like you have still have time to say such a mundane thing

Han Shisei : -I'm glad nothing happened to the consort
Yuurin : -

Rijun : -Fortunately, Minister Han's wound was shallow, and there is no danger to his life // ...Even so, he had been staying in bed for a few days...


Yuurin : I
Yuurin : I
Yuurin : I shouldn't have doubted him~~~~ *Your Majesty you're an idiot~*
*Uwaaa, I'm sorry*

Heika : I'm... // I'm sorry

Rijun : Once again, it was a crime commited by the subjects who think of the consort as a hindrance // As I thought, it's not going to stop...

[The content inside the box // was maliciousness toward the consort]


Yuurin : I don't want to see gifts for a while...


Heika : I'll think of a reward for Minister Han // I'll reward him once he returned
SFX : pat

Heika : ..Thank god // you're fine

[If the consort is pleased // I'm sure His Majesty will be pleased as well]
Yuurin : -

[-Is it that this person, can't sincerely accept // good will and kindness toward him]


[Including // my words?]
Heika : Yuurin

Yuurin : -Minister Han // I feel like he has the similar air as Your Majesty

Yuurin : So, I think... I let my guard down

*That's why, it's not about siding with him or what...

[-Please do not doubt me]


[Let it reach him]

Heika : -I see

Heika : Ah, as I thought

Heika : I can't trust him at all // ...that person

Han Shisei : Oh, well


Han Shisei : I sure did have a bad time... // Even though the antidote was prepared, it doesn't change that the fact that scary thing is scary

Maid : -But, with this, I'm sure the suspicion on you will be cleared away

Maid : After all, the guys who were caught also didn't know that master was the one who had been instigating things behind the scene // It won't be exposed that it was a one man scenario!

Han Shisei : ...Well, it is because you failed to overthrow the consort // that I have to deal with troubles like this...

Han Shisei : Seriously, 'The Wolf King' sure is extremely cautious


Han Shisei : -That is why
Han Shisei : I want to try taming him

Heika : "I can't trust him, // because I smell the scent of the same kind"
Heika : There's no way // I can explain that to her

Heika : As I thought, Yuurin // it's okay for you to stay that way
Yuurin : -Err, // what do you mean by that...

I'm sure there are some mistakes up there, so feel free to fix it for me! 
Oh and one more thing, this translation is not to be use for any scanlation without my permission!
Chapter 10 also done, but I haven't check it yet, so look forward for it later! ^^

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