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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

[TRANSLATION] 07-Ghost: Kapitel 78

I'm not so sure about the currency in 07-Ghost world, so forgive me if I made a mistake!
Aha, Kohaku is trying to play match-maker! How cute! But before he can do anything, Teito disappeared! Poor him! And Relict! NOOOO!! T.T
Scanlation coming soon! Probably...

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Kapitel 78 「Cage」

Lady: Go-... It's gone!? My 10 million Yus necklace!!
Guy: My black pearl jewelry vanished!!
Lady: Kyaaaa!! My jewelry too!!


Boy: Did... Did you finish him off......?

SFX: rustle rustle

Boy: You... You're amazing!!

Kohaku and Rinka: !?

Teito: Are you okay!?
Teito: Your body... Are you hurt somewhere!?


Rinka: Th... Thanks!!
Kohaku: We're fine, how about you...

SFX: squeeze
Teito: Thank god...

Teito: Because if something happens to his important family,
Teito: I won't be able face him.

[That guy, even though he was on the verge of death after saving me,]
[when I went to visit him, can you guess what was his first line when he opened his mouth?]


["You were fine?" he said.]
[That was supposed to be my line!!]

Kohaku: ...sk
Kohaku: Sorry...

Kohaku: I said horrible things to you...
Kohaku: I was jealous of you, // Because *Mika-nii was having fun at the military school...
TN: Big brother Mikage

Kohaku: But at the same time, I thought he got his reward.


Kohaku: I'm glad a good guy like you was Mika-nii's friend.
Kohaku: Since Mika-nii went to the military school because of me... // We had a fight... and I scarred his face...

[I can't allow you to work as Oak Family's butler with that face.]
["Nice timing"]
["I'll choose the path of freedom"]

Kohaku: But... Because of me,
Kohaku: If he didn't abandon his butler path... // Mika-nii wouldn't be dead...

Rinka: *Onii-cha...
TN: big brother
Teito: Kohaku


Teito: If that so, then, you are,
Teito: my benefactor who brought Mikage and me together.

Teito: Mikage was a symbol of freedom.
Teito: He was level-headed, and definitely didn't sway no matter what the other people around  him said.

Teito: That's why it wasn't your fault that Mikage chose the military school.

Kohaku: ......
Kohaku: Would you... come and visit his grave again?

Teito: Thanks.
Teito: I would be happy to do so.

Kohaku: Well, Rinka is here too.
Teito: ?


Bro: O.o.h // So, Rinka likes that kind of guy...
Kohaku: A precocious brat.

Rinka: No... you got it wrong!!
Father: O.o.h

Mikage: Ri // n // kaa!!
Migake: Nii-chan will root for you to the fullest!!

Mikage: I see, I see. // If Rinka and Teito marry,
Mikage: I'll become a real family with that guy!
Rinka: O... Onii-chan!!

["You're amazing! Hahaha!"]
Kohaku: No, I was just talking to myself.
*Leave it to me, Mika-nii*

SFX: rustle


Teito: !?

SFX: jolt
Kohaku: ? What's wrong?

[It's not over yet...]
[There's still something here...]


[Who is looking at me?]


Ayanami: Sleep.

SFX: loose balance

SFX: ba-dump



Lance: Teito-kun

Lance: !!

[He lost consciousness...? Why...]


Lance: Wh-...
SFX: creak

Ayanami: I'll have you return my fragment.


Ayanami: Relict.



Labrador: La-... Lance is...
Frau: Relict has vanished...!!

SFX: whish


Kohaku: Wh-... What was that just now!? Suddenly shining brightly...

Kohaku: !

Kohaku: Teito disappeared...!?


[Second equipment, standby.]
SFX: Pi Pi Pi
[Connect to the princess and Code M-17's deep psyche of mind.]

Nanase: Raphael-chan, thank you for analyzing that child's curse. // Because of you, we're finally able to come this far.

Nanase: By the way, is that child Mikhail-kun?
Nanase: Or is he Teito-kun?

Raphael: ...That child is Teito // Seems like Mikhail is sleeping today...
Nanase: Is that so... Too bad.


Raphael : Can I play with Mikhail once he wakes up?
Nanase: Sure. // Then, until the time comes, how about you sleep too, Raphael-chan.

Nanase: Go ahead, Chief Ayanami.
Nanase: Or should I call you soon-to-be General?

Nanase: Now, // The Princess and M-17's deep psyche of mind are in connected state.

Nanase: Deep psyche of mind, // has an unstable structure like watching the dreams in our sleep.
Nanase: Here, we're looking at M-17 from the princess side, but,


SFX: steps in
Nanase: When we moved into M-17 deep psyche of mind's side, // it changes into one's self constructed world, a different one from the princess.

Teito: Uwah
Nanse: In other words,
Nanase: The stairs of life are created.

Mikhail: !? // Wh-... What is this place!?
Nanase: Ah, right on time, he just fell asleep and entered the deep psyche of mind.


Nanase: The first resonance percentage is 32% // When this number is small, Mikhail won't appear and we can't brainwash him.

Nanase: Since we're already here, let's observe his deep psyche of mind.


[What's with this huge cage...]

Child: Hep me... // This place... is very excruciating.


Child: Let... me out...
[-A child?]
[Why is he in this kind of place...]

Teito: Wait for me, I'll save you now!

Teito: ......Urgh...
[It won't even budge a little...]

Child: This cage // won't open if you don't read the words written on it.
Teito: Words?


[What's that...? They're unknown words...]
Teito: ...... // I can't read it...

Child: Teito should know it...

Child: Look carefully... // and remember...

Teito: Thou // who has been exiled from the heaven
Teito: By the name of Vertrag, thou are pardoned...


[I can read it...!?]

Child: That's right... // Only you who hold the eye of Mikhail can read it...


Child: They are still 6 left right? // Look well, and remember...


[The eye of Mikhail...?]

Teito: ...sk

Teito: Uh... // Uurgh...
[What in the world...]


[What in the world should I remember...]

Ayanami: Time's up huh.

Nanase: If M-17 in the real world tries to wake up, the him here will disappear.

Nanase: But this cage is really very interesting.


Nanase: Once he disappears from here, we won't be able to see this scenery as well // Let's us go back too.

[M-17's maintenance, compete-...]

SFX: wakes up


Teito: ...This place is, the usual hospital room...

[Hmm...? If I remember correctly... I attend the funeral at Oak House...]

[Meet with Mikage's family...]

[Why am I here...?]

Ayanami: The funeral at Oak House already ended.



Teito: Chi... Chief!?
SFX: rustle

Teito: You fainted at Oak House. // About 12 hours have passed since your return.
Teito: Fa...Fainted...!?

Ayanami: By the way, I already compensated for all buildings you destroyed at Oak House. // *You're loud* *Shut up*
Teito: Gyaa! I'm sorry.

Ayanami: You were... making lots of noises in your sleep.


Teito: ... I saw... // a dream...
Teito: A small child was in a cage...

Teito: It was like I was looking at the old me...
Teito: I wanted to help him but, // I couldn't remember the words, which is the keys...

SFX: gasp


[Wh-... What am I talking about in front of the Chief!!]
Teito: ...sk!!
Teito: I'm sorry for saying such a weird thing...!!

Ayanami: Hurry up and remember.


SFX: Thud
SFX: Thud

SFX: shut
Teito: I was surprised...

[-Eh? Before,]
[Someone, too...]


SGX: Thud
SFX: Thud

Hyuuga: Aha☆ // It was just a little bit more until the lock is opened.

Katsuragi: All left is, to hunt for the remaining ghost right.
Ayanami: Wait for me, Kuroyuri.


Ayanami: I'll snatch away the other arm
Ayanami: and connect Haruse completely for you.

Ayanami: Next is,
Ayanami: Fest.
[The evil plot moving at Ayanami's pace. The fate of Fest that has been targeted is-?]


  1. First let me thank you for translating 78 so fast! Woot! Now we have all delayed chapters *if we count with the 77 that was released with the Chinese scans* released or being worked on. I'm so happy!

    As I've done in the previous chapter, I've gave a long look and correct a few things (in the end it will be you to see if the changes will be put on the scans or not). But there are a few mistakes (just 2 or 3, and the ghost name is Fest, not Feist) so could you please head over to my LJ to see the document.

    Again thank you so much for your hard work. One more thing: Mini Verloren is so cute ^.^ even without the scans I can still remember his face. But don't tell Verloren I said that or he will come to life just to punish me ;D

    Kiss Kiss
    Ja ne

  2. It seems that Fallen Syndicate beat us at releasing kapitel 78, so are we still finishing the chapter(s) missing? Since it’s already being worked on wouldn't be a waste to not finish what we started?

    I'm just curious since I just saw their entry at the comm, and I didn’t knew what you thought about it *since you haven't posted a reply to their entry, I'm assuming that you didn’t saw it yet?*

    Kiss Kiss
    Ja ne

  3. Of course we'll be releasing the chapter as well! The chapter already finished being tsetted, I'm qchecking the chap right now!^^
    Everyone worked hard for this chapter, how could I waste all your efforts?^^
    I'll release both 80 and 78 together!


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