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Thursday, March 8, 2012

[TRANSLATION] Ookami Heika no Hanayome Chapter 12

I was scolded by my professor today... It was so depressing! >.<
I rarely got reprimanded by other people when so you got one of those, hmmm.... It doesn't feel good! 
Reflecting mode ON----Okay, enough with me!

The beginning of a new chapter, with a new surrounding and new characters! 
I'm also working on the scanlations, but since I'm trying to get the translations for the volumes done first, so you'll have to wait a bit for them! I only have two hands after all ;P
Enjoy this chapter, and feel free to point out my mistakes!!


[- Haku Reishou // Soon after coronation, he suppressed the rebellions happening around the country]
[A young king whom in name and reality, holds the power in the central government]
[The people feared him]
[and called him the "cruel and ruthless Wolf King"-...]


[- That fearsome // "Wolf King"]
[...and him]
[no one would have imagined they are the same person]

[- Hakuyou Country]
[Royal Capital; Kenrou]
Yuurin : Even if you see him directly, it's still unbelievable...

Heika : Meat bun, fried bread, fried dumpling! // Ah, they're selling sweet fruit pickles over there!
SFX : excited excited

Heika : Yuurin, you'll have some too right?

Yuurin : ...

Yuurin : Sure...


Yuurin : What an amazing acting performance...
[- Back to the story, this time, I, Tei Yuurin // since I began the part-time bride job, will have my first]


Rijun : - You've been saying you want to visit your home right

Yuurin : Yes // It's been quite a while since I last went back home after all...
Rijun : - I'm sure you need to have some fun too after you've been working all the time // I give you permission to go out

Yuurin : Really!?
Rijun : However, you'll be under a watch *We'll be in trouble if you expose the secret after all*
Yuurin : Yes 
*I won't ask for more*
Heika : ......
[A holiday!! I can go back home!]


[I can relieve the stress from the Inner Palace life...!!]
*smiling gracefully*
*flirting with the Wolf King*
*battle in the office*

[Flashback ends]
Yuurin : - that's  // what I thought...

[How come it turns out like this...]
*disguised himself*
Heika : When I ask the guard // he happily agree to change with me you know?

Heika : It's okay, no need to worry // It's not busy currently
Heika : It's only for two or three days, Rijun will do something about it!
*you mean, it's unauthorized...*

[Seriously!? // // Is that possible!?]
[His Majesty the king! // Sneak out of the palace!]


[I can imagine my supervisor's anger...!!]
Yuurin : Uwaaaah

Yuurin : I'm afraid to go back

Heika : - Yuurin, you
Heika : You're not happy to be together with me...?

Yuurin : Eh
Yuurin : No // It's not that...

Heika : ...I can't?


Yuurin : O- // Occasionally, it's fine I guess -...

Yuurin : Aaaaah // I can't go against him...
*Ah, that looks tasty as well-*
*Somehow, the ears and tail are...!!*

[- If that's the case // looks like there's no danger of his identity being exposed, but]

[This is strange... It was supposed to be a relaxing holiday... *on tenterhooks...*]
[- Oh well]


[Since he's having so much fun, I guess it's fine...]

Heika : Let's go after we have a eat something simple at the restaurant street over there
SFX : excited
Yuurin : Okay
*he still plans to eat*

Heika : The street stalls change everytime I come, it's fun // And it looks like the people have  increased compared from before


Yuurin : - Could it be // that you have always sneaked out of the palace? *you're so used to this*
Heika : - I have been working diligently lately okay?

*Lately you say...*

Heika : I // was born here but I was raised in the border

Heika : I used to come down here for sometime because I was curious about the royal capital
Yuurin : - I see // Somehow it's unexpected that you were raised in the border... *for such a great person...*

Heika : I was told it's dangerous to stay in the royal city because my life will be targeted so // I was dropped there by my father
*He nonchalantly talked about a heavy topic*
Heika : It was troubling when I return here because I couldn't get used to the royal palace - 


Heika : Yuurin too, you will be suffocated if you stay there forever // I'm sorry I can't let you go off alone without someone to watch over you

[I see, I guess, His Majesty, // is being considerate of me in his own way...]

Yuurin : - ...Alright! // It is a precious holiday after all! Let's enjoy it to the fullest!
Heika : ! // Yeah!

[He's already here, so it can't be help // - I'm sure, even His Majesty]
*The boss is scary though*
Underling : - Hey // That was...


[Is tired as well // acting the "Wolf King" day after day -...]
*The cheap vegetables are over there at -...*
Underling : Is that Yuurin // ...Who is that with her?
Underling : It's better to tell Kigaku-aniki about this -...


Heika : Greetings at the bride's home... // Somehow it's quite embarrassing
Yuurin : Please, act like usual okay!? // My family and the others thought I'm working as a maid servant in the palace
*Of course*
*It's a top secret*
*And the debt is a secret as well*

Yuurin : This time, His Majesty // is my superior at work, "Rishou-san" // ...right
*It's not completely a lie...*
Heika : Yup // It's okay, it's okay *leave it to me*

[- Somehow // it's quite weird to act other than a married couple with His Majesty, but]
[It's much more easier compared to the acting in the palace, right]


[After all // I just have to be my usual self - ]
Yuurin : I'm home- // Seishin, dad-...

Kigaku : Yo // Quite late aren't you
Seishin : *Nee-san, welcome home...!
TN : big sister

SFX : bzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Heika : !?


Yuurin : - Why, are you at my house // Kigaku
Kigaku : Is that what you say in a reunion with a childhood friend 

Yuurin : I don't call a moneylender's son a childhood friend okay...!!
Yuurin : Seishin! Where is dad!?
Seishin : This letter...

[Sorry Yuurin! I didn't have enough money with me when I went to a cockfight so I borrowed some! // Settle it for me 'kay♡ -Dad]

Seishin : *And then* He said he won't be coming home today because there's a drinking party at You-san's house...
Yuurin : He ran away, that old man...!!
SFX : crush
*So he just has to go today huh*


Yuurin : The same as you usual, you got my father in your clutches again huh...
Yuurin : You fiend, moneylender's son...!

Kigaku : It's your father who came to borrow the money. We're just doing our business // If you have something to complain, tell them to your father

*Woah, Yuurin is burning with anger-*

Kigaku : - There are some people saying they saw you walking with a guy in the street // Seems like it's true // Who are you
Yuurin : Hold it! // Do not rudely look at him!


Kigaku : Huh?
*What do you mean don't look at him*
Yuurin : This person is just my superior at work!! // He only sent me home while taking care some business so don't say anything rude!

Heika : ...
[I can't let this hoodlum gets near His Majesty...!!]

Kigaku : Aah // I thought so!

Kigaku : Of course! // No sex-appeal, reeks of household smell, violent // a girl known to have no suitors even down the street
Kigaku : There's no way she'll land herself a guy!


[This bastard -]
*It’s convincing*

[Why does he have to say something that's better be left unspoken right now....!!]

[Yea, yeah, I heard those quite a lot *mostly from you*]
*part-time again* *you poor thing*
[Rushing along the highway at breakneck speed doing part-time and houseworks, being late at getting married!]

[On the day he found out I've doing a part-time bride job]
[He'll definitely make fun of me to the extreme]

Yuurin : Enough, cut it out


Heika : Yuurin
Heika : will become a good bride you know?

Heika : Right?
Yuurin : Right
Yuurin : you say...

Heika : By the way, how much did her father owe you?
Heika : You can take this if you like...
Yuurin : Eh!? // Wait- What are you saying!! *the purse*
[pouch : heavy]


Kigaku : -...Oi // So he really is your man
*He's weird though*
Yuurin : *N-* NO NO HE'S NOT!!
SFX : Gya-
*Don't say weird-!!*
Seishin : Nee-san, calm down...

Yuurin : Kigaku! I'll make sure the person himself pay the money back to you // So go home
Kigaku : Hey hey
SFX : scratch scratch

Yuurin : GET OUT
Kigaku : Yeah yeah, can't be helped...

Kigaku : You don't even try to hide your nature in front of a man huh // That's why you're not popular
Yuurin : Shut up! It's not of your concern!


Kigaku : -...
SFX : stare

Heika : -Bye,bye, money-lender-kun

Kigaku : - Make sure you return the money // You stupid woman

[- Ah]


[So tired-...]

Yuurin : A holiday... // What was a holiday about...
Yuurin : In the end, I was still doubted by Seishin...

Seishin : He really is... // not your lover...?
Yuurin : No!

Seishin : ...I see... // Okay, I got it...

Seishin : His eyes // are saying, "I'll leave it at that"...
*Ahaha, he's such a good child...*


SFX : gloomy
Yuurin : This is far tiring than when I was in the Inner Palace...?

Heika :  Huh? // Yuurin

Heika : Haven't sleep yet? // Viewing the moon?

Yuurin : ...Something like that

Heika : Today is really fun right! *A holiday is nice*
Yuurin : ...Right...


Heika : I could see lots of Yuurin that I haven't seen before!
Yuurin : Sorry for showing such an embarrassing scene...

Yuurin : But, sure // - This is probably my first time seeing His Majesty who isn't acting
[Normally walking down the street, eating]

[Like it was natural for us to be together]

Yuurin : *No,no* -.. Keep yourself together


[Originally // ...he's not someone you can see and talk to]
Heika : - By the way
Heika : Are you always like that with the money-lender guy?

*switch on*
Yuurin : Yes // He has always been trying to find faults with me since long before...!!
Yuurin : Always hanging around my father...! *So hateful...!*
Heika : Her father huh -...


Yuurin : In the first place, it's not his business whether I'm popular or not
SFX : pissed off

Heika : - // His complaints
Heika : I don't think you should worry about it too much...

Heika : - That was
Heika : A threat toward a stranger who stepped into his territory...right

Heika : Oh well, I won't tell her though
Heika : After all, Yuurin you're cute okay?

Yuurin : Ahaha // Your Majesty is the only one who will say that to me
*Your Majesty, you're so kind*


Yuurin : He made a follow-up on me // How pitiful...

Heika : - // So you won't believe me

Yuurin : ? // Your Ma-...

Yuurin : Eh // Wai-
Yuurin : !? // What's with you
Heika : Well, it's all because Yuurin doesn't listen to me
Yuurin : I do hear you
Heika : You don't


Heika : You're not allow to disparage yourself

Heika : No matter where you are
Heika : or in whatever situation


Heika : You are, // my adorable consort

Heika : - Aren't you // supposed to believe your husband's words?
Yuurin : ......


Heika : - Got it?
Yuurin : .........

Yuurin : I really really got it now
Yuurin : Please get away from me...!!
SFX : huff huff
SFX : ba-thump ba-thump
*breathing difficulty*
Yuurin : The Wolf King's sneak attack...!!
*even though he was in the puppy mode all day...*
Heika : As long as you got it


Heika :  You can't be depressed // After all, it is your long awaited holiday

Heika : 'Kay then, I'll return to my room // See you tomorrow!
[- I completely understand it now]


[Being by that person's side]
[A day when I can relax // doesn't exist...!]
Yuurin : Aa...
Yuurin : Did he try to comfort me with that...!? // How problematic...!!
SFX : ba-thump  ba-thump  ba-thump

Kigaku : That man // He's really shady...
Underling : *Aniki?
TN : Big Bro; often use to express the senior or leader in a gang; Japanese culture


Kigaku : To begin with, she has always been
Kigaku : so simple, idiot and an extremely kind person

Kigaku : If she's being deceived by a rich young master // as her childhood friend, I can't leave her alone...
Underling : You can just say you're worried about her though...

[The stormy days // continue]
[Rijun, during that time]
Rijun : I don't have a day off though!

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