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Saturday, March 3, 2012

[TRANSLATION] Ookami Heika no Hanayome Chapter 10

And here comes chapter 10! Working on the rest of volume 3 right now! Hope I'll get it done soon~^^
You should find links to the pics somewhere... >.>
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[The flowers blooming beautifully // in the Inner Palace]

Kouju : Me, to accompany, // the consort...

Han Shisei : Yes, that's right // and be careful not to make any mistakes


Kouju : -Yes // Leave it to me, Father-...

[Country of Hakuyou // Inner Palace]

Heika : -A promise to see Minister Han's daughter?
Yuurin : Some-...
Yuurin : Somehow, before I realised it, it turned out that way...

[The King's Temporary Bride, Tei Yuurin]

*She's about the same age, I'm sure you'll have fun talking*


Yuurin : Well, after all, there is the incident where Minister Han covered me from a snake // So it was really hard for me to refuse him...

[The King, Haku Reishou]
Heika : So that's his next move...

[Eh, // he's mad?]
Yuurin : Err... // Was it bad // for me to agree?

Heika : -It's not really bad, but
Heika : Yuurin, seems like you're really concerned about it


[The King's Close Aide, Rijun]

Rijun : -Speaking about Minister Han's daughter, Han Kouju, // she was said to be His Majesty's number one Queen candidate by the public

Yuurin : Eh

Rijun : We've been rejecting the idea during the proposal stage for a few times already, but
Rijun : As long as His Majesty changes his mind, either way everything will fall into places

Rijun : Using Yuurin-dono as an intermediary, if she gets along well with you, she'll get into the Inner Palace... // that should be the plan

*And yet another troublesome thing...*
Yuurin : I... I don't think you have to think that far...
Rijun : Shut up, part-timer
Yuurin : Yes...


Rijun : Currently, we can't afford to expose His Majesty's real nature to the subjects // Hence, we can't accept any consort
Rijun : However, // We would like to avoid aggravating the relation between the Han Family!

Rijun : As His Majesty only consort, without revealing any faults, do not show any weakness, but do not push her away! // Build a favourable friendship with her!



[Here comes the difficult demand-!!]

Kouju : I am Han Kouju
Kouju : Please call me Kouju

[Beautiful girl...!!]
Yuurin : What's this, so slim! Cute!
Yuurin : Is she from the same species!?
*Minister Han is amazing*
Kouju : I'm honored // to be trusted with this important role


Kouju : I hope // We can get along well // Okisaki-sama

[The smile // which can make the flowers come forth]

Yuurin : It's impossible, Rijun-san // I don't feel like I can win!!
*No one told you to win*
*What's with this little animal-*

Kouju : It's wonderful... // The inner palace garden is so beautiful...


Yuurin : It's unfortunate that the peak of the flowers has already passed...
Kouju : ! // I

Kouju : If it's the peony flower viewing banquet at the imperial villa, I've went there before

Yuurin : Flower viewing?

Kouju : Yes // It soon after His Majesty's coronation // ...according to the rumors... it was said that the party was held to choose the consort
Kouju : The ladies went all out dressing up, and they were all so beautiful... // It was like a celestial maiden's flower garden...


Yuurin : -And, His Majesty...?
Kouju : -In the end, he didn't show his face during the banquet

Kouju : I heard that // he was angry that the people around him had arranged the feast on their own accord

Kouju : If only I was able to see him even once, I would've have been able to boast about it... // It was really unfortunate
*I haven't had chance to meet him yet...*

Kouju : -Even so, // since I was able to see the consort today
Kouju : I'm sure can boast about it after this


Yuurin : I'm sorry... // I accidentally promised to see her again while I was happily chatting with her...
Heika : -...

Heika : As long as you're happy... I don't mind
Heika : Damn you Han Family...

Yuurin : *But-* But, she was so cute!
*What's with that dopey face!?*
Heika : Hm-
Yuurin : It's true!?
*Don't believe it*


Yuurin : Your Majesty should meet her once // I'm sure you'll fall for her in no time!
Yuurin : In the first place // It's such a waste for you to skip the flower viewing banquet filled with beautiful ladies *I wonder how did it look like, the celestial maiden flower garden*

Heika : -

Yuurin : Hm?

Heika : I
Heika : It's enough for me as long as I have you


Heika : Do not talk about other woman

Yuurin : Wh-

Yuurin : Wh- // Wh-Wh-What-
SFX : trembling

Heika : "The Wolf King only has eyes for his current consort"
Heika : That's why, he doesn't need other people


SFX : blush
Yuurin : I-

Yuurin : I understand, it was the 'setting' after all
*Couldn't you just normally told me about it*

*Seriously, he's always-*
*I can't even gossip with him*

Heika : -


Yuurin : -Seriously, that person really is

Yuurin : He doesn't even have a real consort // Where did he learn acting like that...
Yuurin : Well, truth be said, he can always have his pick after all... *Urg, what a hateful imagination*

["Banquet of the beautiful celestial maiden"]

["As long as I have you" // ...How could he said that, someone like me among them]
[I'm sure he won't even see me]


Yuurin : That was only an act! // I was being twisted around by him too much
*I'm sure he's toying with me*
SFX : slap slap
Maid : ?

Rijun : Then, // here is the compilation about the petition idea from the military
Heika : -Being offered another girl by the consort // I sure am simply feel down...

Rijun : ......I see...
Heika : Could it be that I'm completely out of her sight?
Rijun : Ridiculous

Rijun : -...
*Oh well*
Rijun : Wasn't it because // she's aware that you were just "playing couple"?


Rijun : It was simple, she one couldn't take you for real *you reap what you sow*
Rijun : Oh well, Your Majesty // worry about such a thing when you've taken a real consort *It's not anything new*

Heika : I have enough dealing with the Inner Palace's troubles



Kouju : It's embarrassing // I still have a lot to learn about
Yuurin : No, // it was really wonderful

["A good consort is"]
["Someone who is familiar with book of poetry, can cheerfully play the music while keeping the propriety intact-"]
Rijun : In any case, she's perfect
Yuurin : There's no such a person
Rijun : You can find one in the right place

Yuurin : The image of the consort Rijun-san has always been telling me is here...! *and so on*

Yuurin : *Speaking of which* Your clothes are always so cute

Kouju : Thank you very much // This is a popular design in Country of Sougyoku's Inner Palace
Kouju : Since I really want to try wearing them, I coaxed my father to get it for me
*I have them specially made*
*I have no choice after all*


Kouju : Okisaki-sama, how about you ask His Majesty for them as well? // I'm sure they would look great on you
Yuurin : -

Yuurin : ...It's fine // For the sake of the country and the people // His Majesty is holding back from living in splendour
Yuurin : I can't be acting selfish
*Economy comes first*

Yuurin : We're having financial difficulties // so such a stance sure is desirable
*saving up everywhere in this inner palace*

Kouju : ...Okisaki-sama // You sure are a strange person


Kouju : For a man // it's a pleasure to spoil the woman // ...you know

Kouju : -How about you try it on His Majesty after this
Yuurin : You- // You-you-you-you're right...
SFX : blush

Yuurin : Amazing... // I was getting advised from a younger person...!!
[Being spoiled? // ...by His Majesty?]

[absolutely impossible]
Heika : -Yuurin


Yuurin : Your Majesty!
Kouju : !

Yuurin : Aren't you suppose to be dealing with the government affairs
Heika : I only stop by because of a necessity, I'll go back in no time

Heika : - // You're Han Kouju
Kouju : -Yes


Heika : I heard the sound of a *koto on my way here // You're good

TN : 13-stringed Japanese zither

Heika : Entertain the consort for me

Kouju : Yes... // I'll do my best...

Yuurin : -


SFX : stagger
Yuurin : Eh
Yuurin : You- // Are you okay!?
*What's wrong!?*

Kouju : I never thought I would be able to see him up this close...!
Kouju : Did I look strange just now!?

Yuurin : -It was fine

[Let alone, // strange]


[It was perfect]

Yuurin : -...

Yuurin : They looked so natural standing by each other...

Elder : -That was one deep sigh...
Elder : No matter what age // the one thing that blooms profoundly inside the inner


Elder : The flame of jealousy burning with love // Dear the poisonous flower heading toward the crimson road truthfully  seeking for love!

Yuurin : What are you doing, Elder...
Elder : I want to play the dazzling love scenario with His Majesty... // That was it right!?
*Do play the part!*
Yuurin : You're wrong
*Do not play around with the vase*


Elder : What do you mean! Love is something you fight for and win! // He'll be taken by the Han Family girl you know!?
*I know everything!*
Yuurin : Like I said, to begin with, I'm just a part-timer // ...I was only getting the facts that I was out-of-place yet again

Elder : Who cares about being out-of-place or what
Elder : For His Majesty who hates the Inner Palace // there's a meaning for him to let you stay by his side!

*I only invited a lot of woman during the flower viewing banquet and he was mad at me like hell-!?
*So that was your doing...*

[-Even though he said that]


[Once His Majesty's situation calms down // Rijun-san said he'll have a real consort]

[I'm sure the one who will be welcomed here]

[is someone like her]
Kouju : Ah


Kouju : Your Majesty...

Kouju : Good day to you
Heika : Are you on your way to Yuurin's place?

Kouju : Yes...
SFX : Ba-thump

SFX : stagger

Kouju : Ah

Kouju : I'm // I'm really sorry!
Kouju : I...


Heika : -It's okay, you don't have to hurry // ... Can you stand?

Kouju : Your Majesty...

Yuurin : -


Heika : -Yuu...

Yuurin : -
Yuurin : Sorry // to interrupt you
Heika : -Yuurin!?

Kouju : Ah...

[I have to accept it]


[Even if I'm specially treated]
["It's enough as long as I have you"]

[That was just an act]

[Someday, that place will belong to someone else]


[I already know it]

Heika : Yuurin!
Yuurin : !


Heika : It's a misunderstanding // She only stumbled just now

Yuurin : Wh- // Whatever the reason is, it has nothing to do with me // So you don't have to explain it to me!

[I have to escape]

Yuurin : S- // See, she's really cute when you see her up close right!? // if I'm a guy, I sure won't leave her alone *yup*

[If I do not hurry, I]


[I will be seriously hurt]

[by the illusions caused by this person]


Heika : You are my consort


Heika : -Yuurin!?
*lost her strength*

Yuurin : *So-* Sorry // I'm sorry
Heika : No... // It's my fault for surprising you...
Heika : She was so afraid that she can't even stand...

[He had sent away Han Kouju]



Heika : As I thought I don't have enough time to get other consort

Heika : Being together with you // is the most fun

[Are that true words?]
[-... Even though, if you wish for it]


[you can have as many beautiful flowers as you want]

Yuurin : To... // To prefer a fake consort better that a real one
Yuurin : ...Your Majesty, you're quite a weird king...
Heika : Eh-?

[If so, I // might suit him... for a little]

Kouju : Aaah // I'm in a bind...


Kouju : It's my bad habit, once I want something I can't stop until I have it

Kouju : - // I wonder how can I become one

Kouju : The Wolf King's // bride

And here comes the usual annoying rival! But no need to fret, the series is not the typical school-based shoujo manga so the annoying level would be different!^^

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