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Thursday, March 29, 2012

[TRANSLATION] 07-Ghost: Kapitel 82

I'm left with mixed feeling reading this chapter. @@ Nevertheless, it's an exciting chapter! Scanlation will be out soon. A few snap pics, courtesy from Phya Vie Furusawa:

Page 06: Castor???? NOOOO! I don't know whether he'll die or not, but according to my philosophy, main character should never die!
 Page 18: Finally, the long awaited reunion!
 Page 29: We all know Mikhael has "Master Complex"! He's cute! ❦
Page 32: The evil Frau! RESURRECTED!


Kapitel.82 Reunion

SFX: clonk
SFX: clonk
Hyuuga: You, // I know you.

Hyuuga: You're the guy who tore off Aya-tan's right arm right.

Hyuuga: Right arm or left arm, which one do you prefer?


Hyuuga: Or should the legs come first?
SFX: slash

SFX: tap

SFX: whoosh

SFX: shaky


Hyuuga: !?

*rumble rumble rumble*

Hyuuga: Tsk...


Hyuuga: ...sk!!
Hyuuga: I see, an illusion...

Labrador: *gulp*...
Hyuuga: But too bad... I am an incredulous person.


SFX: crush

SFX: thud thud thud

SFX: squeak

SFX: bam


Ayanami: hmm...

Castor: splurt

Ayanami: Seems like, // Randkalt and Ea whom you guys have been looking for are here...
SFX: jams in

Castor: crack...
Castor: Are they really your allies?


[Someone is,]

[Calling for me.]

Frau: You // can't end it // right.
Teito: !!
Frau: For both you // and // me.


Mikhail: LV. 40, RELEASE.

Mikhail: 4%...

Mikhail: 12%
Frau: ...sk!!


Teito: That light is...


Teito: Wait! You can't attack him... // That guy knows my past...!!


[Violation of Command!!]
[Violation of Command!!]
SFX: whoosh whoosh
Teito: !?

Teito: Wh-... What!?


[...Everytime you disobey the command...]
[We'll send brainwaves which will awaken fears into you...]


[Over and over]


Mikhail: Painful? Hurts? // I'll take over the pain for you.

Mikhail: That's why, let's stay here with me forever.

[It's wrong]
[This is...]

[This fear is...]


Teito: We're only repeating,
Teito: the past memories.

Teito: I won't depend on you.
SFX: thwack

Teito: This hand, // is not to grasp tightly onto fears.
Mikhail: ...sk
SFX: bam


Mikhail: Are you going to free me again?

Mikhail: Even though you conquer the fears here,

Mikhail: As long as you keep on living,

Mikhail: New fears will be appear before you.


SFX: tick

Mikhail: Even so,
Teito: Even so.

Father: You must never let go,
Father: the baton of life.

Teito: That is what it means to be living.


[Commencing... the... attack...]
SFX: boom boom boom

Teito: STOP IT!!
SFX: fwoosh

Teito: Cease the attack!!


Teito: FRAU!!



[Didn't manage to stop the attack in time.]

[Impact coming.]

Frau: Welcome back, damn brat.


[Impact coming.]



[The... The eye of Mikhail, Lv. 10 activation has been confirmed!!]

[The impact will be inside the fortress!!]
SFX: whrrr


[It directly hit the intruder!!]
Teito: Cough
Teito: Cough

SFX: whoosh

Teito: ......
Teito: Fra-...
SFX: tremble tremble tremble


Ayanami: Teito Klein.

[That guy.]

Teito: ...sk

[Can't possibly be dead.]

[I'll be found out.]
[Calm down.]
[Concentrate on saving Frau in this enemy camp.]


Teito: That guy is still alive.
Teito: Chief. // Please give me permission to pursuit him.

Ayanami: It's unnecessary.
SFX: steps
Ayanami: You will do and emergency examination. // Go straight to the laboratory.

SFX: steps
Teito: ... // Yes sir!


Ayanami: ......

[The pope who tried to get his hand on Verloren's body, why did he write "Vertrag stole the Pandora box and escaped" on the graveyard which can only record the truth...]
[That's probably because the pope's memory was erased, and he was made to believe different information. Like how I'm using the ghost's power on Teito Klein.]

[Seems like, after the Raggs War, Ea and Randkalt infiltrate the military and continue doing so without coming back.]

[Because there's one more key left for the Pandora Box]

[The one who controlled the Pope trying to steal the Pandora Box is...]

Soldier: It's dangerous, fall back.


Men: !?

Man 01: There's... There's no one here!?
Man 02: How could it be... // I clearly saw with this eyes that it fell on a man in black...!!

[He has,]
[the ability to teleport far away that even I can't sense him.]

[That black shadow is Randkalt.]
SFX: swoosh


[How did I forget such an important thing...!!]

[Moreover, I even became Ayanami's subordinate and attacked Frau!]
[I have to save that guy as soon as possible!]

SFX: scritch
Door: Pi-

Teito: Damn it!
Teito: It was made so that I can't pass through the passage except toward the laboratory!!

SFX: squeak


Mikhail: It's okay, my master. Zehel is fine.
Teito: !!?

Teito: ...Mikhail!?

Mikhail: That's right. I'm deeply moved that we can finally meet.
SFX: snap snap
Teito: Frau is okay you say... You can see him!?

Mikhail: Yes. I sensed him just now. His body and core are fine as well. *He'll come to you even if you leave him alone*
SFX: Woah!
Teito: !!

Teito: ... Thank god...
Mikhail: However, Master, there's a bothersome problem.


Mikhail: The Eye of Raphael... Prince Ouka is being brainwashed like us as well.
Mikhail: If we keep going on like this, when we escape from here, she will probably stand in our way.
Teito: !!

["I don't want to kill anymore..."]

Teito: So, that's what has been going...
[For over 10 years...]
Teito: I have to save Ouka, or else...!!

Mikhail: The God House for the 1st District is here... The Houburg Fortress.
Mikhail: Let's find Princess Ouka. That should become our clue for the ticket.


Teito: Mikhail, thank you...
Mikhail: It's only natural if you have my searching ability.

Teito: That's not only it... // You have always,
Teito: even for the past 10 years, stayed by my side supporting me without me realizing it...

Mikhail: .........
Teito: ...?
SFX: rustle rustle shake...

Mikhail: Master!!
SFX: fwap
Teito: GAAH
Teito: My body moved on its own.
SFX: buzz



Soldier 01: I heard that the Eye of Raphael fell on this, but... // What's with this black mass...
Soldier 02: I heard that it was Mikhail.
SFX: thump thump
Soldier 01: Although we're here to retrieve this under Chief Ayanami's order... // Isn't this just some part of a building which was burnt black?

Soldier: Gyaaa!! It moves!

Soldier: This is bad!! The iron bars are collapsing!!
SFX: creak creak creak
Sickle: GRRR...
Soldier: It's impossible to stop it. Shoot it!!


SFX: kin kin
Soldier: Da- // It was being rebounded!!

Soldier: EEEEP!! A HAND!! // This is a monster's cocoon!! It will be born!!

Frau: A monster's cocoon...? // Hee hee hee, that's great...

Frau: A sacrifice for me who has been resurrected just now!!
SFX: Gyaaaa!
Frau: You guys!! // All of you!! I'll bite you all whole!!


Frau: Hwahaha!!
Frau: Who wants to be eaten first!?
SFX: bam

SFX: clatter...
Frau: ...Hm?

Frau: Geez, for soldiers they are all spineless.
SFX: snake..


Frau: But... For you to wrap me up and protect me from Mikhail's attack...
Frau: What's with the change of heart?
Sickle: GRRR

Frau: Ah? You haven't eaten anything tasty yet? // You found two?

Frau: Ouch...
SFX: steps
Frau: That damn Mikhail, he held no punches at all stabbing me...

Frau: Anyway, I have to find the damn brat.
SFX: clank


Frau: So, that's how he comes.
Frau: An exclusive barrier for the sickle.

[After a moment of happiness for the reunion, the problems burst out. Can Frau's sickle slip out of the barrier...?]

So, the traitor is Randkalt! I thought by being a traitor, Randkalt took Ayanami's side, didn't expect that he's enemy to both Teito and Ayanami. Frau's talking to the sickle is funny too! LOL, the scythe protected Frau because it still doesn't have a taste of Teito and Ouka yet! That's quite a willful weapon you have there Frau! ❦
So what do you think about this chapter? ^.^
Update on download password: sakura

Next magazine will be out in Japan by April 28th. Sorry, I finished translating this hours ago, but I was delayed with some personal stuff, nevermind that, enjoy!^^


  1. Thank you so much for the translation :D I just saw some scanted pages and I really couldn't wait for the translations anymore and this is the answer. Thank you so much =3

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    1. The text didn't take long to be translated, but the SFXs were killing me! I could get the translation done in less than an hour if I skipped all the SFXs! >.<

      And you're welcome! Thanks for visiting me here ^.^

  3. So it was randkalt!!!!!i mean its randkalt right? and i thought he was the nice guy.With the looks between ea and randkalt. ea have the more dangerous kind of look ^ ^
    here we go! teito is going to get ouka whoohoo!!! this will be a mad scene i mean how the hell will he convince her?!! i mean for sure raphael under the mind-control spell he'll go zapping. So there might be a fight between ouka and teito first before waking her up or something. And i agree the scythe have luxurious taste, that thing prefers ouka and teito sheesh~ talk about expensive cravings~

    nope, i really think that randkalt won't choose ayanami's side too(ayanami have no idea what's what), probably for his own selfish reasons, to break the wheel of fate of the ghosts. i think randkalt have more evil reasoning, can it be? he wants to be verloren himself?!!

    it gets deeper just wish i could see whats next,we're so getting to the good part ^ ^

    1. Yup it's Randkalt! Silly me getting paranoid that Lab might be the traitor! That was so farrr off the target! lol

      Now we know that Randkalt is the traitor, I guess the one who gave Lance the warning before is Ea right? I wonder who he is! Let's hope for an epic plot that Ea might be one of Ayanami's subordinate! It's unlikely tho, lol!

    2. well, I had feeling maybe EA is miroku`s subordinate. you know, that man is really suspicious. with his face hide under bandages and all.

    3. I was hoping Hyuuga is Ea actually! But we all know that Hyuuga is veery loyal to Ayanami, and he has been together with him like forever! So, it's so unlikely that Hyuuga is Ea! A master swordman/bishop? Haha, so not Ea!^^

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      @apple yes ea gave the warning to lance(r.i.p lance) ... maybe ea came in an save the day for castor, i remember in within your translation the one can teleport is ea. maybe you know he snatched caster, so castor is till alive!!!!pls be alive glasses guy!
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  4. thank you for this quick translation. :)

    now we're getting somewhere once more. i wonder what happened to Ea? :/

    looking forward to the next installment! :D

    -- dyoklako

    1. Ea is, err, Aya-tan's subordinate? JK!

      Yes, hope we can get early raw again, and let's hope that I won't be so busy by that time! One month away! >.<

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