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Sunday, March 11, 2012

[TRANSLATION] 07-Ghost: Kapitel 81

I was reading a heart-breaking novel just now, then suddenly, I needed a break from reading it, so, when I was checking the blogs and journal I'm following, I found this raw! This is my first time translating 07-Ghost, so forgive if if I make any mistakes! And feel free to point them out for me if you found one! 
And also, lots of thanks to the raw provider for scanning this wonderful gift for the fans like me!^^
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Kapitel 81: Masquerade, Last Part


Ouka : I heard from Hakuren that you will be guarding me, but

Ouka : Teito... You don't remember me too?
Ouka : Didn't you help me and Kururu in the 4th district before


Teito : You got the wrong person
Teito : Originally, I'm not someone who can get close to you // This is my first time guarding someone

Ouka : He's just like what Hakuren has told me...

Ouka : Being a bishop apprentice // Bishop Frau
Ouka : Fyurung Mikage and Capella, you don't remember about them too?


Teito : ...I... don't...

Hakuren : Because you're my comrade

[Why... People other than me... No, words from people besides the Black Hawks...]
[All of them, connected and coming together...]

Ouka : Teito, this time it's my turn to save you // I want to help you recover your memories back

Teito : !? // What... are you...


Ouka : To your place of memories... Let's go to the church right now!
Teito : !?

Ouka : The party will continue all night, there won't be any problem if I sneak out of the fortress for a short time
Ouka : I'll arrange for my personal aircraft to take off right away

Ouka : You have to remember
Ouka : How are you going to live honestly to yourself if you don't know the real world


Teito : Princess...!!
Teito : You can't
Teito : The Chief will...


Clown : Oh, that will be troublesome

Ouka : !? // What's wrong?
Teito : No... I think I heard a voice nearby...

People : Chatter
People : Chatter
[No... I sure did hear it...]
People : Chatter

Clown : I have some business with the Princess


Teito : Who are you!?

Ayanami : !

Ayanami : Something's here...
Hyuuga : Something? // Not a ghost?

SFX : *drip*

Woman 01 : ?... I wonder what...
Woman 01 : Somehow I don't feel good


Teito : Who are you!! // Show yourself!!
Ouka : It's real! // I can hear it as well!
Clown : Huhuhu, unfortunately // I don't have any intention to meet you yet

Clown : Because there's still one more key left for the Pandora Box

[He knows about the Pandora Box?]
[Not only that, he knew about the number of keys needed to open it... Who is he?]

Teito : What are you talking about!?

Clown : More importantly // Let's get down to the business


U : Princess, I'll have you disappear
U : I can't afford to allow myself to be sealed as well after all


SFX : whoosh


[This time, I'll devour all of you without leaving anything okay]

[- I... know... this guy...!!]


U : !!?

SFX : crash

Man : The chandelier fell!!
Woman : Kyaaaaa!!


Maid : Ouka sama, get over here!!
Ouka : No!! Teito is...

SFX : thud thud
SFX : Kya- kya-

Teito : *cough*
Teito : *cough*
SFX : stagger
SFX : crumble crumble



Hyuuga : Finally, he shows up

Hyuuga : Oops

Labrador : Your opponent will be me


SFX : lands

Castor : We
Castor : won't hand over the Pandora Box to you


Castor : !!
SFX : scatter

Ayanami : Do you think a replica can win against the original?


Castor : Tsk...

Castor : Even so...
Castor : I can still at least buy some time


Frau : I've come for you, damn brat

[Damn brat!?]

Teito : Who are you!?

Teito : !
Frau : Hmph


SFX : grab

Frau : Damn

Teito : He's fast

Teito : Thump
Frau : Crack

Teito : !?


Teito : Damn...!! // So you're with the masked guy too!!



[This guy...!!]
[Doesn't have any hostility...!?]

Frau : Checkmate


Teito : !!

Mikael : You insolent fool


Mikael : My master
Frau : *gack*

Mikael : is working for the Chief // You don't have the authority to take him away

Mikael : Do not touch my master so friendly


Frau : For you to forget about me as well... Seriously... You're so not cute...
Mikael : Let go of that hand!

Frau : I won't let you go

Frau : If I do, you can't end it right
Frau : For both me, and you


[My hand hurts...]
SFX : beep beep

SFX : *pulled*
Teito : ...!?

Teito : Woah
Teito : Woah!? // What!?


[Someone is]

Teito : ...If that so, you can just vanish!!

[Someone is calling me]

Eye : ******** Level 40, RELEASE

[Teito and The Eye of Mikael who have forgotten about Frau. At the end of the shocking reunion, waiting for them is...?]

Next chapter will be out on March 28! ❤

It didn't take long for me to translate this chapter!
Too bad I can't find other raw for the previous chapters that haven't been translated yet, if I did, I might translate them too! Oh, by the way, the date for the next chapter is the date when the magazine will be released in Japan, so DON'T expect the raws will be made available for us fans on the web soon after!^^ Just a reminder!


  1. Wow... thank you so much for translating this! I love you!
    It’s good to know what’s happening in this chapter, Michael and the masked guy parts were my favorite! And I loved that Ouka was so willing to help Teito! Go princess. I also curious to know what the masked mean with “I can’t afford myself to be sealed as well after all” (maybe he was comparing himself with Verloren… but is it possible to a ghost – if he is a ghost –to be sealed? So many questions… and we have to wait at least 3 weeks to know more T.T so sad)
    About what you said of wanting to translate the other raws. The only way I know of is to join the scanlation team (I think you can contact Miss Ink Wings or any other member of the team for that). They that are working hard to clean, translate and typeset the raws to convert in the HQ scans we, the fans, love so much.
    I heard that the team need help translating the raws (Ayu shares the raws only with the team to avoid leaking the chapters to online manga sharing sites – since the chapters are made to be available only in the LJ comm.). If that doesn't take much of your time maybe you can help them please? I'm not on the team itself so I can't speak for them - unfortunately I don't know Japanese or have the right programs to clean and typeset the raws *I’m a bit sad that I can’t help T.T* - but I bet they would love any and all help they can get (and with more help, faster the releases come out). The call to all available translators was made on this post:

    Thank you again for translating this! You rock!

    Kiss Kiss
    Ja ne

    1. I was confused about the sealed part as well. But I think the clown might have something to do with the eye of Raphael, since he wants to get rid of Ouka, although, I'm not so sure about it. And yes, the princess is the usual kind-hearted girl, as long as the eye is in the off mode. So many questions need to be answered, in which we can only wait for them to be revealed later.

      As for the scanlation team, I'm afraid, I can't join any. To be inside a group means you have to be responsible for something, and willing to give your time, dedication and commitment doing something. I can translate available things, such as this chapter, however, I cannot promise I can do so for the later chapters as well. I can only do something only when I have free time, yes, I do have some time this week, but I can't promise I'll be available next month. If I agree to join a scanlation group, I'll cause trouble for them if I said I can't translate because I don't have time, and that was something I want to avoid. I'll sing a different tune tho if they don't mind waiting for me. Anyway, I haven't talked to anyone yet about this, and I'm just doing this for fun, so feel free to drop me a chapter which needed to be translated if no one's going to work on it, because I might just do it when I see it!^^

      You're welcome and thanks for visiting my blog!❤

  2. kyahhhh!!! thank you for the translation!! i love this manga!!! hope you doing well~~~
    p/s: animemaniac001 is right..hope you join the scanlation team~~~the fans will appreciate it!

    live journal- shimaba

  3. If you were looking for raws, theres a chinese online reader that has the chapters that are missing http://www.dm5.com/manhua-shenhuanpaidang/
    Thank you sooooo much for translating this, i love 07 ghost :D thank you thank you thank you :)

    1. Unfortunately, I can't read Chinese, so of course I can do nothing about the missing chapters.
      Thanks for your info tho!^^


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